What to Wear in Las Vegas: Best Las Vegas Pack List (2023)

heading to the city of sin, with plane tickets andAccommodationsAll set but still don't know what to wear? The perfect wardrobe staple depends on the time of day, the season, and the stores you visit. That's why we rounded up perfect outfit ideas for each popular Las Vegas destination. Whether you're planning a fancy date at restaurants, casinos, pool parties, or glamorous nightclubs, this is what to wear in Las Vegas!

Top tips for dressing in Las Vegas

If you're visiting Sin City for the first time and wondering what to wear in Vegas, the good news is that you can wear whatever you want! Las Vegas is the place where you can put on your fanciest or most whimsical outfit without being judged. However, there are some things to keep in mind when packing clothes, such as: B. the dress code of the place and the season of your visit.

Comfort over style is the rule of thumb. Although people in Las Vegas dress in their best clothes, comfort must also be a priority. A pair of heels or loafers are essential when heading out to a club or fine-dining restaurant in Las Vegas. However, comfortable footwear, such as flip-flops or sandals, is essential when traveling and exploring the big cities. Wear a light jacket or breathable scarf at night. Most places in Las Vegas are air-conditioned, so you'll probably need a few extra layers if you're not too used to the cold. Finally, what would a trip to Las Vegas be without a dip in the pool? Bring a cute and trendy swimsuit and costume to match the whole look! Here are some more detailed recommendations based on the weather, the facility, and the time of day you visit.

What to wear in Las Vegas every season

What to Wear in Las Vegas for Spring and Summer

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As important as it is to follow the official dress code of the venue, it is also important to dress appropriately for the weather. Summer in Las Vegas can be extremely hot, with average temperatures ranging from 40 to 10 degrees Celsius.

To keep cool in hot weather and if the dress code allows, wear a sheer tank top or crop top. Pair them with loose shorts or a skirt, preferably cotton. As another option, you can opt for thin summer dresses and rompers that can be dressed lightly or casually depending on the occasion, venue, and required dress code. Don't forget to bring a light jacket or a breathable scarf in case it gets cold at night. Men can wear a plain t-shirt or a collared t-shirt for a dressier look. Pair it with comfortable shorts and you're good to go.

For comfortable walking, choose between flip flops, flip flops, or sandals. Whether you plan to swim in the pool or not, it's always a good idea to bring your bathing suit. Also, remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your skin from UV rays.

Product recommendations:

  • women can wear onetransparent flowy topsuitable for hot climates. Combine it with normal lingerie or a lace bandeau for a more avant-garde look. To protect your eyes from the scorching sun, apply acool sunglasses.

  • Men can wear breathableCotton camisetassuitable for the climate. Enhance your look withpolarized sunglassesthat allow you to see the world in its natural colors.

Erato wear in Las Vegas this fall and winter

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The colder months call for stylish hats and boots. With high temperatures between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius and low temperatures between 5 and 13 degrees Celsius, you should pack clothes that are neither too thick nor too thin.

An excellent combination for warmer days would be a dress with an airy scarf. Instead of wearing jeans, you can opt for leggings.

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Consider wearing long-sleeved clothing on cooler days, and pair your clothing with a light jacket and jeans. Bring plenty of airy scarves and vests for outdoor activities, and jackets and sweaters for indoors. Although there is little chance of seeing snow in Las Vegas, bringing an umbrella can prevent you from getting soaked, as rains are abundant during these months.

Product recommendations:

Las Vegas outfit ideas during the day.

Pool party

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Most of the pools in Las Vegas are the best in the world. Therefore, attending a pool party should definitely be on your list. Make sure you have a cute swimsuit ready in case the locals invite you over and you need a perfect outfit for a pool party.

Cover-ups are mandatory in some hotels, especially family ones. Opt for a lace wrap, kimono or poncho to continue to look flattering and made up. Las Vegas can be hot, so it's best to wear loose-fitting clothing. Men may choose to wear button down beach shirts and beach shorts.

A pair of flip flops, wedges, or sandals are good choices for the ladies. Flip flops or sandals are the classic footwear chosen by men. Of course, add some sunglasses and a hat (maybe a beach bag to hold all your belongings) to complete the summer look.

Product recommendations:

  • KimonosYcrochet lace coversin bohemian and floral designs give you an instant summer look. Combine it withChancletswith a rubber sole for fashion and comfort.

  • Button-down shirtthey are perfect for the Las Vegas weather as they are loose and lightweight. Gentlemen can pair this with a classicThe EVA sandalthat are washable and ultra light.


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The Las Vegas Strip stretches 4.2 miles from Sahara Avenue to Russell Road. Home to several hotel casinos, theme parks, museums, and other tourist attractions, the Strip is one of the busiest and busiest streets in the world.

When strolling along Las Vegas Boulevard, it is ideal to wear an outfit that is comfortable and airy, but still fashionable! As there will be a lot of walking involved, you should wear a casual tank top, flowing skirt or shorts, sundress or romper paired with comfortable walking shoes such as flip flops or sandals. Men, on the other hand, can wear a simple t-shirt or a casual button-down shirt and boat shoes.

Product recommendations:

Besuch Canyons des Red Rock

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In southern Nevada lies Red Rock Canyon, home to massive red-banded gorges, towering sandstone peaks, and numerous ancient petroglyphs. With the many things to do in Red Rock Canyon, visiting the Calico Basin is popular with locals and tourists alike. This gem offers panoramic views of red landscapes and vistas. Of the 26 trails in Red Rock Canyon, some of the best rock climbing along the Calico Basin offers majestic views.

Planning a hike in Red Rock Canyon? To move freely, wear comfortable but sturdy shorts or pants. If you go hiking in the summer, you should wear loose-fitting tops and fabrics made of wool, polyester, and nylon, as they absorb sweat and dry faster. In cooler conditions, bring a warm jacket or raincoat for protection from rain and wind. Finally, wear sturdy shoes like running shoes that will give you support, protection, and grip on both wet and dry surfaces for walking shoes.

Product recommendations:

  • women can walktravel shortswhich are lightweight, water repellent and UV protected.

  • Men can opt for quick drying.short chargewith an elastic waistband that adapts to your movements, ideal for a comfortable hiking excursion.

  • Drop your heels and get oncomfortable running shoes.

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The best outfits for Las Vegas at night

Good food in Vegas

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When dining at fancy Las Vegas restaurants, although some allow diners to wear casual clothing, dress smartly and go for a more formal look to be on the safe side. Throw on your little black dress and stilettos or pumps to elevate your look. Finish with fine jewelry and a clutch bag. Gentlemen can follow a black tie dress code and wear a tuxedo paired with loafers, oxfords, or pointy shoes. Look gorgeous as you enjoy premium dishes prepared only by world-renowned chefs.

Product recommendations:

Nightclubs and bars in Las Vegas

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After dining at an exclusive restaurant, Las Vegas nightclubs could be next on your itinerary. Las Vegas nightclubs are second to none, as its nickname "Sin City" suggests. Tight, flashy and cute club outfits are perfect choices. Think neon, sequins, and lace.

If you want to go for a more conservative look while still being on-trend, club dresses for Las Vegas can also include velvet or silk fabrics. Keep in mind that most clubs prohibit the wearing of slippers and sandals as most follow a formal dress code, so your trusty heels will be your best friend. Finally, complete your look with your favorite jewelry and bags.

Men can wear a nice collared shirt in combination with pants and dressy shoes like loafers, oxfords and wingtips.

Product recommendations:

Las Vegas-Kasinos

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Feeling a bit adventurous and want to try your luck? Visit a casino in Las Vegas and you will surely not have a hard time finding one as there are many casinos in the area. Some even hold a place in the best casinos in the world. You may be wondering what to wear to the Las Vegas casinos.

Sophisticated Las Vegas casinos call for sophisticated attire. Make your outfit extra special and choose between a classic black maxi dress, a flowing silky dress or a smart pantsuit. Elevate your look with stiletto heels, glittery bags and jewelry. If you prefer a more flashy outfit, you can't go wrong with a sequin cocktail dress.

Business casual is also an option when you go to a casino. Put on a skirt or pants and combine it with a blouse or blazer. You can skip the heels and opt for flats or sandals for a dressier look. In accordance with the dress code, it is recommended that men wear a tuxedo and dress shoes.

Product recommendations:

  • For the ladies, the night calls youfloral evening dresswith high opening and details on the shoulders. If you tend towards a fancy pantsuit, maybe you should give her onejacket and pantsa try!

  • For gentlemen, aelegantes Smoking-Setwhich already includes the vest, jacket and pants is a perfect choice. Combine it withoxfordThe shoes complete the look.

Las Vegas-Shows

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No trip to Las Vegas is complete without seeing a show. Whether it's a concert by your favorite band, a mind-blowing magic show, or a comedy show, there is definitely something for everyone. Wondering what to wear to a show in Las Vegas? It depends on the type of live performance you're attending, so customize the theme and dress code, if applicable.

Generally, people follow a formal dress code when they attend a show in Las Vegas. It can be considered a formal dress, but if you prefer a more flashy look, throw on form-fitting outfits that scream pattern, neon, and sequins. For shoes, statement stilettos or pumps are your options.

Product recommendations:

  • Neon Bodycon DressesThey are best suited for the night.

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  • Men who go for a relaxed look and still want to stand out can wear a floral pattern.PolooShirt.

  • if it's coldcardigansit can be very useful.

Choose what to wear on your next trip to Las Vegas

When planning what to wear in Las Vegas, consider your list of travel destinations. Las Vegas is called the entertainment capital of the world, where countless sights and activities await you from nightclubs, casinos, pools and other forms of entertainment. Each travel destination requires a specific outfit. This guide will help you put on your best outfit in Sin City!


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