Top 5: The five best new female rappers (2023)

Hip-hop is undoubtedly a male-dominated culture. Full of testosterone and aggression until recently,female rappersthey came sporadically, and when they did, they didn't last long. Sexism has been very real in hip-hop. Since the rise of the art form, men have always made the unshakable assertion that female rap is inherently inferior to male rap.

It's a well-known fact among true hip-hop fans that theMC Sha-rock was the first female MCin hip hop culture. Her real name is Sharon Green. MC Sha-Rock grew up in the South Bronx, where hip-hop was born, and became part of Funky 4+1, one of the first hip-hop groups.

However, this was in the late 1970s and even with Green as part of the group, the fact that she was the most of the group, literally according to her name, sadly hinted that Green was distant as a woman.

When it comes to female rappers, different artists mark different eras, and specific female rappers appeal to specific regions. After the '70s, there weren't many female rappers in the '80s. LA rapper Yo-Yo was close, but most of his material was as a featured artist for prominent West Coast male artists. MC Lyte also began to emerge. However, that was when the decade came to an end.

During the1990er, Lil' Kimwas hip-hop's most prominent female rapper. As a result of her affiliations with Bad Boy Entertainment, The Notorious B.I.G and Diddy, Lil Kim has received a lot of attention and glamour. Plus, she was operating in New York, the home of hip-hop, and her discovery was inevitable.

In the late '90s, however, another artist began to dominate the Southern States, starting shortly after the death of the Notorious B.I.G. Alongside rapper Trick Daddy Dollars, Trina started to explode in Miami, and her buzz spread throughout the South. Trina, like Lil Kim, was raw and sexually provocative. However, her legions of fans were down south, while the people of New York and the surrounding area were still loyal to Lil' Kim.

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At times, female rap can become quite divisive and polarizing, with fans perpetuating the "there can only be one queen" narrative. In the early 2000s, Lil Kim started to fade slightly and Trina started to rise. But a new artist from New York also began his discovery. Signed to Loud Records alongside Fat Joe, Bronx native Remy Ma was a popular underground battle rapper. However, his breakthrough came with his appearance on the remix of M.O.P's hit "Ante-Up".

From here, Remy Ma started to climb. In the early 2000s, Trina and Remy were definitely America's top two artists. Unfortunately, in the mid-2000s, shortly after the release of their first album,There's something about Remythat fared poorly, Remy Ma faced legal problems and was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2007.

By 2007, a new face had emerged. This artist has been active since 2004, appearing on multiple mixtapes as a featured artist in New York and appearing on the famous multiple timesCome DVD.That person would get Lil Wayne's attention and change the definition of female rap forever. That person was Nicki Minaj.

For Nicki Minaj, time has played a big part in her success. Lil Kim was irrelevant for years, Remy Ma was in prison, and Trina was a minor artist in 2007. Nicki had the opportunity to study these artists, see where they went wrong, and learn from their mistakes. As a result, she became the first hip-hop rapper to become a mogul.

Now, with the success of Cardi B, the floodgates of female rap have opened, and hip-hop has seen more and more female rappers make their mark nationally and internationally. togetherNicki Minaj e Cardi Bshowed the world that female rappers can garner just as much attention as male rappers, if not more. This has inspired so many women to explore hip-hop and has led to an influx of new female artists emerging. That's why we've compiled a list of the top five new female rappers destined for stardom.

Top five new female rappers:

5. Ice Condiment

Ice Spice had to be on this list, though one can't be sure how long his music will last. Usually, a new rapper who has just broken into the mainstream already has a few projects under his belt. Mixtapes, EPs or whatever, they have a catalog of their underground days.

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That is not the case with Ice Spice. The Bronx rapper had a viral song with her track "Munch," which she releasedWorldStarHipHopin 2022 and even admitted to herself that she had never been in a recording studio until late 2021. Fads come and go in hip-hop, so it's hard to say at this point if it will be a mainstay or not. In 2019, LA rapper Blueface had a hit with "Thotiana" but never followed up with anything great.

Ice Spice performed at Drake's OVO Fest last year after releasing "Munch," but later explained that Drake followed her, asked her to perform, and then unfollowed her. From this, we can conclude that even Drake doesn't think we'll hear or see much more from Ice Spice besides "Munch".

4. Bree's Airstrip

Bree Runway is a Hackney born British rapper and singer who became popular in 2020. Bree Runway is almost the British answer to Azealia Banks as she can sing and rap and has a very distinctive style that has made her an almost overnight icon for the day, with fashion and culture magazines really attracted to her and her brand.

However, unlike Azealia Banks, Bree Runway isn't causing a stir on social media. Unbeknownst to many in the UK, Runway has been far more successful in the US than many of the mainstream British rappers such as Ms Banks and Ivorian Doll and continues to maintain US ties. She's had tracks with the likes of Missy Elliott and Malibu Mitch and has only been in the mainstream for almost two years. Definitely an underdog.

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3. BIA

BIA is a Boston rapper who seems to explode very quickly. Born and raised in the downtown Medford neighborhood, BIA has a distinctive Boston accent that makes her vocal performance unique. The rapper signed to Pharrell's I Am Other label in 2014. However, his career seemed to consist solely of being a support act, with Pharrell taking the more organic "slow drip" approach. With each tour BIA went on and each EP she released, she gained a small but significant number of fans.

BIA released EPs, collaborated and toured for nearly six years before they really started to see the fruits of their labor. So while the BIA isn't technically new, it's just broken into the mainstream and has been working underground for years. His track "London" feat. A fantastic British drill-inspired track, J. Cole has garnered a lot of attention in the hip-hop community, particularly in the UK.

2. High brightness

Gloss Up is a Memphis rapper who rose to fame alongside her friend GloRilla. Memphis rap is having a renaissance, and GloRilla is part of the reason. Armed with Memphis producer HitKidd, GloRilla made a ton of tracks leading up to Tomorrow 2, and (along with Aleza) Gloss Up was one of her most frequent collaborators.

Like GloRilla, Gloss Up became extremely popular in the city due to Memphis' proximity to Atlanta and signed to Kevin "Coach K" Lee's Quality Control (QC) label. QC is home to the likes of Quavo, Lil Baby, City Girls and Lil Yachty. For a short time he went to the Migos house. With the benefit of being distributed by Capitol Records, it shouldn't be long before Gloss Up becomes popular.


1. GloRilla

GloRilla is one of the hottest new artists right now and in 2023 she will have the biggest impact of any rising rapper in America. GloRilla was already well known in her home state of Tennessee, and (inspired by Lil Wayne) she was starting to get really popular down south.

With a very strong southern accent and the proximity of her hometown to Atlanta, the mecca of American hip-hop in 2023, she quickly gained attention in the city. Born and raised in Memphis, GloRilla gained traction in the South with their self-released mixtapes.probably the next(2019) eP-State(2020).

With everyone stuck in 2020, everyone including record executives have taken to the internet to watch videos and chat. That's how Memphis rapper and label exec Yo Gotti saw the plethora of music videos GloRilla has released via the popular YouTube channelHip-Hop-Weltstar.

To support the local talent in his city, Gotti signed the young woman to his CMG label. With a distribution deal from Interscope, GloRilla's music achieved wider reach and appeared in select playlists. As a result, "Bodak Yellow" rapper Cardi B stumbled upon her music and collaborated with her on her track "Tomorrow 2" to bring her into the limelight. The rest is history as this sent the GloRilla fan base through the roof. The Memphis rapper will undoubtedly become a mainstay of female rap.


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