Top 10 most scraped websites in 2023 (2023)


Web scraping is the best data collection method when you want to recover data from web pages. As capital flows across the internet around the world, web scraping is becoming common among businesses, freelancers and researchers as it helps to collect web data accurately and efficiently globally.




Top 10 websites scratched

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Here we list the 10 most scratched websites based on how often theOctoparse attribution modelswas used. As you read, you might come up with your own web scraping idea. Don't worry if you're new to web scraping! Octoparse provides pre-made templates for non-coders and you can start your scraping project.

What is web scraping?You can read this articleto get a feel for the technique. You can also find more details in this video:

Top 10 most scraped websites in 2023 (1)

What is an Octoparse Task Template?Programmers can write scripts to search the web and run them in Python or whatever. A task template is like a pre-written script and the only part you need to do is figure out what data you want and enter the keywords/URLs into our task template interface.

Observation:If you have problems using templates, contact our


Top 10 most scraped websites in 2023 (2)

  • e-commerce websitesare among others always the most scratched sites, both in terms of frequency and quantity. As online shopping becomes a lifestyle at home, eCommerce is impacting people in all walks of life. Online sellers, retailers, and even consumers are all e-commerce data collectors.
  • directoriesfinishing second in the race and that is not at all surprising. Directory pages organize businesses by category, thus serving as a functional information filter that is a good choice for efficient data collection. Many search directory sites for contact information to increase your sales leads.
  • social mediacontains a wealth of information about human opinions, emotions and daily actions. In general, social media sites are harder to scrape than others. This is because many social media sites use strong anti-scraping techniques to protect user privacy. However, social media still serves as an important source of information for sentiment analysis and all types of research.
  • Others Sitesfall into categories such as tourism, job board and search engine. In fact, people from all industries use the technique of web scraping to leverage the value of data for their interests.

Let's jump right into the top 10 list and see which sites were scraped the most in 2022 and how useful they are for our data collectors!

TOP 10 most frequently scraped websites

Top 10. Free market

MercadoLibre may not be known to everyone, but it is a domestic e-commerce marketplace in Latin American countries, with Brazil being the main revenue contributor. The pandemic is accelerating its growth, and the company is now worth $63 billion on Nasdaq. It is represented as"Latin America's Answer to China's Alibaba"Emdie financial times.

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Octoparse.eswe found this site to be the most popular among our spanish users and we formulated the ready-to-use template where users can enter the listing page URLs and get the product data: product name, price, detail page URL, Image URLs, etc.

Top 09. Twitter

Accordinglythe statistics, there are approximately 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter. With a large number of users, Twitter is not only a platform for contacts and exchanges, but also becomes a perfect place for branding and marketing.

People look for data on Twitter for many reasons like industry research, sentiment analysis, customer experience management, etc. And if you are reading this articleText mining of Donald Trump tweets, please be aware that Tweet data can be used in a variety of ways.

Task templates for Twitter are widely referenced in our support center and we provide a large number of customizable templates for our customers. If you use pre-made templates on Octoparse, you can get post data or profile information for specific authors:

Top 8. De fate

AccordinglyIn fact, the gigantic job board received a total of 175 million resumes. Searching for jobs online is so common these days that we barely remember what a traditional job fair looks like.Creating a task aggregator, especially for niche markets, has become a lucrative business in recent years. And guess how people do it? Yes, web scraping does the trick.

Job board creators aren't the only ones benefiting from job board data. HR professionals, job seekers, job seekers, researchers focused on recruitment and job markets are all excited about job data. When you're looking for a job, it always helps to have an overview of the market.

Here is sample data from Indeed collected with Octoparse and actuallythere's still more to discover:

Top 7. Tripadvisor

The travel industry took a hit during the pandemic and nowrecovery occurs. The need to scrape tourism websites may also increase. Why would people scratch sites like, tripadvisor, airbnb? One of the examples could be service agents that offer integrated services for tourists, including ticket sales, hotel/restaurant booking.

Web scraping is also commonly used for price comparison and hence smart people create price comparison websites for the public. If you try, you can create an airline ticket price comparison website to help tourists book the cheapest one!

Octoparse's Tripadvisor template is available in English and Spanish versions and the data example below shows the hotel details on Tripadvisor.

Top 6. Google

With its machine learning superalgorithm, Google could be the robot that knows everyone better than their family and friends. This is all about data. From an individual point of view, what can we get from Google?

(Video) The Biggest Mistake Beginners Make When Web Scraping

SEO marketing professionalpossibly the most interested group of people in Google Search. They scour Google search results to monitor a set of keywords for TDK information (short for title, description, keywords: metadata of a webpage that appears in the results list and has a crucial impact on rate of clicks) for an SEO collect optimization strategy.

In addition to pulling Google search results, Octoparse also offers templates for Google Maps. Enter the URL of the search results page, Octoparse will bring you well-organized data of related stores.

Top 5. Yellow Pages

Wikipedia Sea,, also known as "YP", was founded in 1996 and, over decades of development, has become the most popular directory site with 60 million monthly visitors.

Well, in the eyes of web scrapers, the Yellow Pages are the perfect place to collect contact information and business addresses based on your location. If you are a retailer and find competitors in your area, it's as easy as a few clicks. Are you a seller and want to efficiently generate leads?check out this storyand you'll know what I'm talking about.

The following screenshot shows what data the Octoparse model can fetch for you: store name, rating, address, phone number, etc. And the data can be exported to forms like Excel, CSV and JSON. Inspired by the sample data below? Check out this lead generation with web scrapingstep by step guide.

Top 4. Yelp

Like, Yelp may provide location-based commercial data. And there's more. When you're out on the street and a question pops into your head: who has the best pizza in town? That's where Yelp comes in. In addition to serving as a business directory, Yelp is a free resource for consumers looking for groceries, home services, and a good massage.

These are ratings and ratings, which are golden data for companies. Yelp scrapers use reviews and rating data to get an idea of ​​how their business looks in a customer's eyes and also for competitive analysis.

>> You may be interested in this video:Yelp Scratch SIMPLE AND EASY

Top 3. Walmart

If you are interested in the commercial scene,This Vox articlepainted a picture of how retailers are using data to track their customers' every move to drive sales. In reality, the data is also used to create a transparent market and meet the interests of buyers.

Price comparison pages are generated as part of web scraping. Walmart might be one of those head-scratching destinations, as their tagline is "Save Money, Live Better." That's one of the reasons Walmart people struggle. Walmart is also an important source of information for retailers and grocers to obtain product data for market research.

(Video) Scraping Google for the best websites accepting guest posts

>>Check out this guidezero do Walmart

Top 2. eBay

E-commerce sites are always the most popular sites for web scraping and eBay is definitely one of them. We have many users running their own eBay businesses and getting eBay data is an important way to keep up with your competitors and keep up with the market trend.

There isan impressive customer storyfor me. The customer is an eBay seller and regularly diligently extracts data from eBay and other e-commerce marketplaces and over time builds his own database for thorough market research.

>>If you're interested in using Octoparse's eBay template, check this out:Scraping in the eBay Guideand if you are sure to create your own tracker in Octoparse,This videocan walk you through the process of creating the tracker.

Top 1. Amazon

Yes, it is not surprising that Amazon is the most scratched site. Amazon takes huge stakes in the e-commerce business, which means that Amazon data is the most representative for any type of market research. It has the biggest database.

When getting e-commerce data faceschallenges. The biggest challenge for Amazon scraping might be the captcha andwe take care of it. Captcha is a way to prevent the website from crashing as many want data from Amazon and frequent scraping can overload the servers. Octoparse uses cloud extraction and IP rotation which can make it perfect.

Amazon scraping can provide data for all of the following purposes:

      1. price tracking
      2. competitive analysis
      3. map monitoring
      4. product selection
      5. sentiment analysis

>> Learn more about itWhy scrape e-commerce sites?

Octoparse Amazon Template allows you to collect product data such as ASIN, star rating, price, color, style, reviews and more.

final thoughts

Data is the new oil, and without a useful tool, not everyone can extract value from it. Octoparse works to make data more accessible to the public, whether encrypted or not. In this way, we can put all the data we need in our hands and create value for the world through data analysis.

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If you're interested in generating original opinions and you just don't have the data to back it up, get your data!

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