TikTok Guide| Make the best TikTok videos for your fans (2023)


This blog is a beginner's guide to Tik Tok. It will tell you how to use Tik Tok, how to make a Tik Tok video and tricks to become popular on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, launched as DouYin in China in September 2016 and entered the overseas market as TikTok a year later. Since its launch, Tik Tok has boosted short video viewing and trended among young people. The statistic shows that 500 million young people are now obsessed with watching 15-second videos on Tik Tok.

It doesn't matter if you just want to have fun or gain popularity, Tik Tok with many fans is the right platform for you. Here in this blog, we will show you how to use Tik Tok, how to make a Tik Tok video that gets likes, and offer you some Tik Tok ideas.

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birthday slideshow

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Part 1. How to use or TikTokPart 2. How to make a funny TikTok videoPart 3. How to edit TikTok videosPart 4. Best TikTok Video IdeasBonus Tip: How to Become Popular on TikTok

Part 1. How to use or TikTok

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    Navigation by other functions.

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    Create videos.

  • 1. Sign up

    TikTok is a mobile app available in the app store of Android and iOS devices. After downloading and installing, you can immediately search for other people's videos. To use any other TikTok features, you need to register or login.

    Phone numbers, emails or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts can be used to sign up for a TikTok account. After successful registration, TikTok will automatically generate a username. You can change the default username and your profile using the Edit Profile button on the main page.

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    Image Board: How to use TikTok - Start an account

    2. Enjoy the videos!

    Get a pair of headphones and start enjoying TikTok videos! The music is the most important part anyway.

    The video watch page is divided into two parts: Following and For You, respectively. If you open TikTok, it's in For You. In this feed, TikTok will recommend videos that you might like based on an algorithm. Swipe left, you'll go to the next one. You'll only see uploads from people you choose to follow.

    3. Interact

    There are five icons on your right that allow you to perform different interactions.

    Scroll left or click on the profile icon, you will enter the homepage of the video producer and then follow or watch his other videos. If you liked the video, tap the heart icon. Tap the speech bubble, you can comment on the Tik Tok video you are watching. To share the video on social media, tap the Share icon.

    The last icon is a large disk from which musical notes emanate. Click it, you can see the detailed information about the music the video is using.

    If you don't like a particular video, tap and hold the video to display the Not Interested button.

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    Image board: how to use TikTok - menu bar

    4. Navigation through other functions

    There are also five icons at the bottom. Click on the first house icon, you will get an updated page with new recommended videos. Tap the search icon, you can search any type of videos and users. The "+" icon allows you to create videos or upload a video from Gallery. The message icon gives access to any notification.

    The last icon is access to your own home page. From there you can edit the profile, change the nickname, watch your own videos.

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    TikTok emphasizes privacy. Click on the three horizontal dots on the top right corner, you can set your account as private, or who can download your video, who can post comments, etc.

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    Image board: how to use TikTok - privacy settings

    5. Create videos!

    TikTok is all about sharing and creating videos. If you want to create videos, follow part 2. In addition to creating your own videos, you can do TikTok duets, create TikTok videos with templates. Explore more fun on TikTok.

    Part 2. How to make a funny TikTok video step by step

    TikTok is integrated with video sharing and creation feature.Creating a TikTok videoit's extremely easy.

    Step 1

    Click the "+" button. If this is your first time, you need to allow TikTok access to your camera and recorder.

    step 2

    Set timer, speed, beauty effects, filters, effects, press and hold the red button to start shooting.

    Step 3

    Choose a song to level up your video.

    TikTok Guide| Make the best TikTok videos for your fans (7)

    Image Board: How to make the best TikTok videos - Step 3

    Step 4

    When the movie is ready, click on the red tick to go to the editing page.

    Step 5

    Go to the top right corner, you can choose another song, adjust volume and mute.

    Step 6

    Set a video frame as a cover and add other special effects using the two buttons in the lower left corner.

    To use

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    TikTok extends the maximum video length from 15 seconds to 60 seconds! If you need to upload a longer video, record it with a camera instead of recording directly with TikTok.

    Part 3. How to edit TikTok videos

    Unfortunately, once your video is on TikTok, you don't have a lot of room to change it in the app. In this circumstance, relying on some professional video editing tool is a smarter option.

    Go to your profile, select the video you want to edit and tap on the three dots icon. The video would be saved on your mobile device. Now follow us to edit it.

    Will need,

    * A computer,

    * TikTok video you want to edit,

    * Music, photos or video clips. Any material you want to add to your video,


    FlexClip is a professional video editor that helps you create great videos in just a few steps. Compared to TikTok, it is much easier to operate. In addition, this program offers many features such as voiceover, adding logos, transitions, filters. Last but not least, FlexClip provides plentiful royalty-free music, video and photo templates and resources. All of them don't cost you money. Click Create a Video to start your TikTok video creation or get started with a template now!

    Step 1

    Go to Media on your left, then upload your photos and videos or store media assets in the blank section. Click and use them on the storyboard.

    TikTok Guide| Make the best TikTok videos for your fans (8)

    Image Board: How to Edit TikTok Videos - Step 1

    step 2

    Press the Text icon to add text to your video.

    TikTok Guide| Make the best TikTok videos for your fans (9)

    Image Board: How to Edit TikTok Videos - Step 2

    Step 3

    Tap Music, load any song. If desired, click the Record button to record the narration.

    TikTok Guide| Make the best TikTok videos for your fans (10)

    Image Board: How to Edit TikTok Videos - Step 3

    Step 4

    Add some special effects if you like, for example adding transitions, filters and overlays or adjusting video speed.

    TikTok Guide| Make the best TikTok videos for your fans (11)

    Image Board: How to Edit TikTok Videos - Step 4

    Step 5

    Preview and download. Click Preview button to enter live preview window. Keep editing, download or save to Dropbox. Get your video on your phone via Dropbox and share it on TikTok.

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    To use

    1. It is suggested to choose a portrait aspect ratio of 9:16.

    2. Download time may vary due to internet connection. Please be patient.

    3. After finishing editing, you can save your video to Dropbox. Get it through a phone and share your video on TikTok!

    Part 4. Best TikTok Ideas

    *lip sync video🇧🇷 One song can inspire many people to create. If you're creative, try the lip sync video and let others see your performance.

    *video duet🇧🇷 Duet videos are always liked by YouTubers. Open the video you want to create a duet from, tap the Share icon and select Duet. Now, you can make a video however you like.

    *pet video🇧🇷 What are most people's favorites? Pets. If you have cute cats or dogs, make sure you capture their every cute moment.

    *Imitating other popular videos🇧🇷 There are reasons why some videos are popular. You can choose the same theme, or a similar form of performance.

    *follow the trend🇧🇷 When it's a festival, you can make a video about it, like what you did at this festival, or if there's anything interesting about that day. Also, if a certain type of video gets more views, make a similar one.

    *show your skills🇧🇷 Can you make clothes by yourself? Can you do the chorus quickly? Do you speak Chinese or Japanese? Show off the skills that make you special.

    *improvised videos🇧🇷 Always have your camera ready. You might come across something interesting.

    *Travel🇧🇷 Going abroad or to some places of interest? Record panoramic views or people you know. All people will love this.

    *Create a new hashtag challenge.Hashtag challenges are popular on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The same is on TikTok. But before creating a new hashtag challenge, remember to keep it easy and fun so that more people are willing to participate.

    *Cover current events.TikTok videos aren't just funny. TikTok videos are also great sources for people to catch up on the latest news.

    Bonus Tip: How to Become Popular on TikTok

    Here are some tricks to become popular on Tik Tok.

    1. Post regularly and be consistent. You can post videos on Tik Tok once or twice a week. If possible, do a series.

    2. Connect with other influencers.

    3. Share your videos on social networks. This is useful for increasing views. On the contrary, you can also mention your Tik Tok profile link or nickname on other social media to get more followers.

    4. Be positive. Audiences hate negative content.

    5. Comment on other people's video. By doing this, your videos will also receive more comments.

    6. Respond to all comments. Be interesting and funny when answering.

    7. Follow at least 30 accounts a day and unfollow. This is a useful trick for making your mark.

    8. Invite others to your video. A friend, a child or even a pet can make your Tik Tok video more fun and interesting.

    9. Go live. Going live indicates that you care about your fans. They will like it and become more loyal.

    10. Be exaggerated. TikTok is different from other video sharing sites. You have to be really over the top to get people's attention.

    the bottom line

    That's all about how to make a Tik Tok video that gets likes. If you find this post helpful, please share it with others. By the way, as you can see, FlexClip is a good video editor. Go to the main page and explore further.

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