Tiktok accounts for sale | Buy and sell TikTok accounts (2023)

Buying accounts outright seems illegal as you can see in its terms and conditions. However, we have ways to achieve thisTikTok accounts for sales without breaking the rules. The secrets will be revealed in the following sections.

Is it worth buying TikTok accounts for sale?

Long answer short: sure! We'll show you why having accounts is essential in your life. Let's break it down into 3 main reasons:

Saves you time and effort to grow your TikTok account/business/brand

TIK Tokit also captivates marketers around the world. There is no denying that huge platforms have an impact on public opinion.Moreover, the app has become a booming marketing area with over 1 billion active users and 2.6 billion app downloads.

Don't stay around the corner! TikTok allows for an expansive and precise message of your brand in the form of video. It's also useful for starting conversations, building relationships, and interacting with your followers.

That's why epic dance videos are a stepping stone to building your business.

You develop more effectively when you already have real fans. They usually like the content or theme of the account. It also means that you will gain a base of loyal followers who can become future customers who will buy your products or services.

Moreover, buying Tiktok accounts can save you a lot of time. In this case, you can take advantage of such a fantastic opportunity to browse unique, high-quality content for your Tiktok business.

Additionally, compared to creating from scratch, which can take months or even years to "attract", accounts with existing followers will be strongly recommended by TikTok when uploading videos. Also, depending on user behavior, viewers will always prefer to watch performance videos with thousands of followers over videos posted by people with very few followers. A well-placed account will help you attract the attention of your audience.

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Boost your brand credibility by purchasing "Verified TikTok Accounts"

When you have a verified TikTok account, you will look like a more trustworthy TikTok users. Verification means authenticity and reliability. the blue badge will increase the level of integrity of your account, which will translate into a huge reputation.

Moreover, verified accounts often appear first when a user searches for a name or term in the search box.

Get a verified account on TikTokcan help you gain more visibility, which will ultimately lead to an organic increase in the number of visitors who can become your followers.

Due to the higher position in the search results, videos from your verified account are more likely to appear on the About You page.

Increase your visibility by buying TikTok accounts

Brands use TikTok influencers to market their products because of their visibility. You have already mastered interacting with your audience to increase brand awareness and knowledge. This makes people believe in what they have to offer.

Visibility can perfectly sell on TikTok. That's why people prefer to watch a video recorded by a customer who has a lot of likes and follow content posted by a person with few followers. VerifiedTikTok account with many followersmakes it easier to focus attention and interact with the audience.

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Buy a verified TikTok account to gain popularity

Because not everyone is a star and many people have to start from scratch,kup account TikTokthis is exactly what happens to mesocial media. Given that you will need to complete additional raids, buying a budget is the quickest way to the top. When people recognize that you are trustworthy and known, you gain popularity, and they will enjoy and favor your stuff.

TikTok is an amazing social media app that is available for free. It allows you to watch, create and share videos with the best soundtrack directly from your smartphone.

This promising country is gaining popularity around the world thanks to countless trend-inspiring videos. Youth around the world are generally addicted to the magic of apps.

What is TikTok?

TIK Tokis a free video streaming platform that allows you to create, watch and share short videos, mainly videos created by users and people who sync the greatest hits.

In addition to songs, users can also dance or talk. You can also easily view and react to other people's content. The search process is simplified as all videos are grouped by hashtags corresponding to memes, current events and challenges.

Unlimited themes, styles, songs and music genres on TikTok make it great and enticing. Most importantly, his films follow the most current topics and trends around the world.

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How does Tiktok work?

Signing up for the app is simple with just oneAddress e-mail TikTok, phone number or third party account like Instagram or Facebook to name a few.

Once logged in, searching for movies, popular creators and categories (sports, animals, comedy, etc.) is a breeze.

How about finding friends and adding them as friends in the app? Doesn't matter! Phone contacts and social media followers help with this process.

All in all, users can create, self-publish videos or follow random content creators.

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Is it legal to buy TikTok accounts?

Behind all the hype surrounding the sale of TikTok accounts, many people are concerned about the legality of the process. It is technically not allowed to buy fees according to the terms.

However, this is an unclear area as the process has no specific laws. In other words, you won't encounter any problem as long as you know how to bypass the instructions.

Otherwise, it's a big problem for users who have an expensive account and spend hours exponentially increasing it if they violate app policies.

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How much is a TikTok account worth?

As expected, the price often depends on the number of fans. Here are some rough calculations to show you:

  • 500 000-1 000 000+ ~ 1 000 000-30 000 $
  • 100 000-500 000 ~ 1 000 000-5 000 $
  • $50,000-100,000 ~ $500-1000
  • 10,000-50,000 followers ~ $100-$500
  • 1,000-10,000 followers ~ $100

However, other key factors will affect the value of your account, such as engagement rate, location, recent activity, and more.

Where can you buy and sell TikTok accounts?

We highly recommend 12 places to buy certified accounts:

average person:Social media development expert David Hayes launched this newcomer in 2021. It thrives by tackling existing scams and supporting efficient and affordable account buying. From there, customers could better control the organic growth of their accounts.

- Grow Your Audience: Not only is this a fantastic place to purchase an account, it also has a support chat to provide feedback. He always tries to improve the quality of his services.

EazyViral:Looking for the best and safe TikTok accounts? There is no reason to overlook this option, which was popular until recently. No one can disregard the important warranty rules.

Farma ACC:No wonder the quality of the products there is high. It offers customers 100% security and 24/7 support.

AppSally:This is a promising option to make your profile look good and grow your business.

FameSeller: It is full of accessible and protected accounts that effectively meet your needs. This appears to be a potential market in the industry.

Swap Communities:It says no to low quality accounts, so no worries buying reports from there. Based on the followers and likes you want, it can give you the best options.

Work:Nothing beats having top rated accounts with high commitment and low prices. The purchase and delivery process will take place within two hours. In addition, each profile has its own unique IP address, so you can be sure of losing your accounts if something goes wrong.

Bolt of Fame:Having accounts with extensive views is what all customers are looking for. Choose Famebolt, which is a stepping stone in the sharing of digital products. This marketplace is compatible with various payment methods such as Bitcoin, bank transfer, Paypal, etc.

ACCS market:The market allows you to purchase multiple accounts safely. It provides a top of verified TikTok accounts without the risk of being scammed by the seller.

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What Types of Verified TikTok Accounts For Sale Should You Sell?

Personal accounts will be harder to sell than those created with consistent content in a niche or business.

For example, in the case of your account, your followers may prefer you for who you are rather than the content style of the channel you create.

Therefore, if someone else buys this account from you, they may not be able to maintain the channel due to viewer churn.

Conversely, for accounts that don't show the owner's face, but only inspect the products and unpack the buyers, they can still create similar content without much difficultyafter its purchase.

Therefore, when setting up a Tik Tok account, you should be clear about your goals and create a content strategy that is simple and engaging.

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Things to keep in mind when buying a cheap TikTok account

Wait! Before you transfer your moneybuy TikTok accounts cheap, you should pay attention to these things:

  • Stay in your niche: no user with a history of hip-hop movies wants a new Jazz account. Your audience enjoys the present joy you bring, and you may lose them if the upcoming content no longer appeals to them. Therefore, stay in your current position!
  • Get the correct email address and password: If your provider doesn't know your account email and password in advance, they may report that their operation has been compromised. Your new account may be lost.
  • Change email address and password: After every real transaction, change your email address and password. This step prevents the old provider from accessing your new account.
  • Using only PayPal goods and services protects you from fraud when exchanging money. This feature allows you to request a refund if needed.
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How to sell your Tiktok account?

There are sites likeMiddle Man,Ebay'u,Reddit,… where people can buy and sell TikTok accounts. It's important to be careful when using these types of sites and make sure you're not breaking any rules or laws.

Frequently asked questions about Tiktok accounts for sale

Why do I need a TikTok account to sell?

The short and sweet answer is huge money. For example, a user with 50,000 followers on TikTok earns around $400-$900.

Is it safe to buy a TikTok account for sale?

Yes. Go to Mid-man and earn moreKonta TikTok do zakupuwith security. This marketplace offers the safest accounts for sale because security is its first and most important value. So don't worry if you get new reports from this provider.

Do people make money on TikTok?

Want to earn money without further delay? Applies to any user over the age of 18 with a follower base of 10,000. To earn TikTok Creator Fund, you also need to have at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.

Do I need to check my TikTok account before buying?

Of course. Many trading platforms like Mid-Man can send you links before purchasing an account. Typically, customers were allowed to try the deal with 10,000 or 15,000 followers to test beforehand. If you don't mind, you can get one with more followers.

What is the payment method?

How much does it cost to buy a TikTok account?

No one has the exact account income. As mentioned above, we can somewhat gauge the cost of an account based on the number of followers, engagement rate, and account quality.

For example, Mid-man account prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand with matching followers.

How much is an account with 100,000 followers worth?

The number of followers determines the value of the account. On average, an account with 100,000 followers can cost between $1,000 and $2,000.

In a few words

I am selling TikTok accountsare under discussion, especially since TikTok is growing exponentially. Now,Middle Manrevealed some important issues related to the purchase of these accounts. Hope you can enjoy safety and bliss with this app.


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