Orphan of Kos: How to Beat Bloodborne's Ancient Boss and What to Get (2023)

transmitted by bloodis a game known for its difficulty and punishing combat mechanics. While most of the game's bosses can be easily bested once you learn to recognize their basic attack patterns, the Orphan of Kos stands out as perhaps the toughest due to its relentless speed and one-of-a-kind mechanics. Be warned that thereSpoilerin advance.

The story behind the orphan from Kos

The story begins a long time ago, when scholars from Byrgenwerth traveled to the small fishing village of Hamlet in search of the mysterious truth. These scholars were joined by hunters and discovered that Hamlet had an unexplained connection with the great ones. The scholars and hunters sought the knowledge they believed to be in the minds of the townspeople, killing and torturing everyone who lived there to extract the truth from the minds of the villagers.

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This madness drove the villagers over the edge and they prayed for the wrath of Mother Kos, resulting in a terrible curse being laid upon the Byrgenwerth hunters and their followers. The curse created Hunter's Nightmare where the DLC takes place. This is a dream world where those consumed by bloodlust have been sent to hunt and kill forever. Only by uncovering the mystery of these terrible sins can the curse be lifted.

Some disagree on what should be done about the curse. Lady Maria and Brador believe the secret should be kept as penance for past sins, while Simon the Tormented wishes to lift the curse forever.

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Where to find the orphan from Kos?

Within the nightmare, players can travel to the beach where the corpse of Great Kos lies. When the hunter discovers this scene, the orphan emerges from the corpse and crawls to contemplate the vast nightmare from which he was born.

The orphan starts crying and wailing as he attacks the hunter without being asked. If a player manages to kill the orphan, a small black ghost will appear over Kos' corpse. Killing the Phantom will cause the nightmare to dissipate as the mist begins to lift and the blackened moon gives way to a peaceful sunset.

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The Orphan of Kos takes on the role of the true final boss ofthe old huntersDLC.As a newborn Great One, son of the late Great One Kos and host of the Hunter's Nightmare, TheOrphan is the perfect boss for our character's long journey.

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The Orphan of Kos appears as a large, skeletal humanoid that bears an unnerving resemblance to our hunter. During battle, he screams in seemingly endless agony. In the second phase of the fight, two wings appear from his back.

How to defeat the Orphan of Kos

As with many bosses, Kos Orphan has two distinct phases. Unlike most bosses, however, this isn't a permanent change, but one that continually occurs during the fight, forcing players to reconsider their strategies.

In the first phase, the orphan turns towards the player and attacks. This happens after entering the area and watching the cutscene. Orphan's first phase has a significant number of attacks with different ranges and speeds.

Phase two occurs after some damage has been dealt and results in a physical transformation as the orphan bites into the placenta-like weapon, enlarging it to allow for longer and wider attacks. Orphan's wings also provide mobility and speed, as well as an aerial attack.

Both of these changes make the boss slightly larger, making him easier to hit but also much faster, negating the theoretical advantage of his size. He also acquires a new set of trains. Despite its size, the Orphan of Kos is at its most mobile at this point and will require careful maneuvering if you want to survive.

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What makes Orphan of Kos harder than all other bosses is its design. In many ways, players will have to contend with both the boss mechanics and the game's glitches, which seem to have been exploited to make the fight more difficult. Spam attacks when you are close to upper body strength will result in a slash to the orphan's stomach or chest, and from there the orphan will combo the hunter to death. For this reason, keep your attacks simple and avoid pressing keys.

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When the boss yells to summon electricity, it's best to head back to the area's entrance. The resulting flash on the ground radiates outward and can be safely rolled to avoid damage.

In the second phase of the fight, the water area is a great place to move. You cannot fall into the water, and unlike the sloping hills of the terrain, this area is flat. Since the boss moves between stages at will, it's often wise to avoid Kos's corpse, as lightning often lands there, which is difficult to avoid.

Note that Kos Orphan will switch between its two phases at will, most likely spamming attacks or techniques that do more damage. If you manage to block or avoid all damage during an attack, the orphan can completely ignore that style in favor of another, more effective style.

With that in mind, players should note that the boss can be parried in any phase, so use defensive moves to avoid damage.

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As with all bosses, hunters should focus on how to attack to avoid damage rather than learning how to beat the orphan. Finally, a hunter can defeat the orphan, but with the best will in the world it won't be easy.

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NG+ runs get particularly nasty later on. Unlike other bosses that increase damage and health but offer no change in mechanics in NG+ executions, such as: B. Amygdala, the Orphan of Kos is a dangerous opponent. It is advisable to keep yourself healed during the fight, as the Orphan can deal devastating damage.

You can check out the gameplay below, which is an example of an NG+ challenge. Note that despite perfect timing and knowledge of the first phase of the fight, in the second phase of the fight as a Kosuses orphan, the player confuses his deadliest attacks. Despite some bugs, the player needs to use health items almost continuously.

What are the rewards

Defeating the Kos Orphan and killing the Black Phantom will reward you with completing the Nightmare Slain DLC and 60,000 Blood Echoes, which will also increase as your NG+ level increases.

Players also receive the Kos Parasite, a gimmick weapon. There are three versions: Normal, Uncanny or Lost. The only differences are the footprints of the gems and the locations where they are found. Players obtain the normal after defeating the orphan.

Finally, remember that this is the embodiment of everything the Hunter has worked for throughout history.the old huntersDLC, so be proud of your achievement when the orphan from Kos finally dies.

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