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Once you exit the cave in thelighthouse shackIn the area you will find something that comes out of Kos' corpse. HeOrphan of Kosit's the final boss fight of the Old Hunters DLC and definitely a great way to end it.



In his regular form, he has the following attacks:

  • horizontal blows
  • oblique punches
  • Vertical strikes, one of which in particular takes you a while to complete
  • Lunging Attack where he drags his weapon for a second and then picks it up; It can hit you in the air
  • Leap Attack Where it jumps and then dashes towards you, it has a set distance
  • Backing up where it hits your weapon horizontally
  • Long jump back, hitting his weapon where it originally was.
  • Combo where he hits his weapon, swings it up twice, then lets his weapon slide across the ground in front of him.
  • Combo where he slides his weapon into the ground in front of him, wraps it around his back, and then slides it much further
  • Combo where he slides his weapon on the ground in front of him and then does it backwards again
  • Step aside where he lets his gun slide to the ground
  • Arcane attack where he grabs something red from his weapon and throws it to the ground and an area attack is indicated by a red mark on the ground, it has medium range and the indicator has no set position. I will give the hunter. relation to Follow Orphan position
  • Arcane attack where he pulls something red from his weapon and fires a bullet at the hunter.

In his Great One form, he has the following attacks:

  • You can throw several red balls in your direction.
  • Jump high in the air and jump on the hunter.
  • vertical punch
  • He jumps over the area and throws red balls in the opposite direction he jumped.
  • Jump in the air and throw 3 red balls on the ground, all 3 balls will drag a little further from where they land.
  • The dash attack, in which he hits his weapon several times after the first hit, ends with a jumping attack.
  • He can yell and a surge of electricity will emanate from Kos, you can't actually dodge it, but you can go to the entrance of the area and he won't be able to hit you there.
  • Running attack where he swings his weapon diagonally once and then repeats a lunge
  • Performs two upward diagonal swings with his weapon, then performs a vertical slash
  • Swings his weapon back diagonally to turn around.


  • cost-parasite


So Orphan of Kos will not immediately attack you once the boss fight starts, you need to get close to him and Kos' corpse before he turns and attacks you. The most important thing in the first half of the boss fight is not to get hit by his attacks. Like Lady Maria, he is somewhat passive in this form and won't charge at you from afar most of the time, but he does have a jump attack that he often uses when the hunter is in range. That's good because another important point of fighting this boss is that he can be backstabbed and some of his moves have a slow spin once he gets them, the jump attack is one of them. Once he's about to perform his main combo, which is to yell, swing down diagonally, swing up twice, and swipe his weapon across the ground, you'll want to get away from him immediately. It's best not to risk getting hit by this move, as there are hitboxes around it. Another thing about the orphan is that he is too weak to stagger. About 3-4 hits with a weapon like Beast Claws and he'll stagger slightly and deal an extra hit or two, but he'll make a move right after so you should retreat after landing those few extra hits. Once he reaches about half his health, he will shriek and explode (harmlessly) in the area around him, transforming into his Grand form. You can plan to throw in a few hits once he transforms, but be careful after that as the Great One form has very aggressive attacks.

For this form, you really have to pay attention to how you move in this area. Orphans attack this way mainly by moving a lot and being very aggressive. He mostly abuses jump attacks, where he either jumps on you to hit you with his weapon and then lands multiple hits that will likely kill you if you don't dodge, or throws red orbs that explode at the player. and after doing that, he jumps to the other side of the area and throws more red orbs in your direction, which can be effective since most people dodge back in the direction he's throwing the red orbs. If you see him walk away from you, he just rolls to the other side and heals. Other than that, there's not much to say that he would help in this fight. If you do the attack with multiple vertical hits in quick succession, try to dodge to the side instead of back. If he does a jump attack when he's close to you, try to dodge to where he jumped and you'll likely miss most of his attacks. When I do the scream attack where the electricity comes from Kos, go to the cave entrance we came from. If you want, you can also try backstabbing the orphan this way, as it is possible, though not very likely. The move he uses the most is the vertical slam combo, and that changes his position when you're in a good spot.

Once you've defeated the orphan, all you have to do is kill the nightmare by finding the black figure that comes from Kos! Once you've done that, watch the cutscene unfold and you've now officially progressed through all of the Ancient Hunters DLC.

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