Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (2023)

Norwegian Cruise Line's Jewel-class flagship ship,Norwegian gementered service in 2005. Although the ship is just over 15 years old, recent renovations have brought it into the present.

The medium-sized ship offers a combination of all the amenities you need and plenty of activity options without being overwhelming. Even if it's technically not a mega-ship,Norwegian gemit still manages to provide the food and entertainment you need on an average cruise.

I'm thinking about gettingNorwegian gemcruise in the near future? Here's everything you need to know, from what kind of cottages you can expect to the types of children's activities that will be offered for them.

In this article…

  • Vessel stats Norway Jewel
  • Construction and history
  • Cottages
  • Apartments
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and lounges
  • swimming pools
  • Children's zones
  • Cruises on Norwegian jewels

Norwegian gemShip statistics

As already mentioned,Norwegian gemare stablemedium sized ship. Not too big, not too small. It gives you a bit of everything you need, but you won't get lost walking from your cabin or suite to dinner (probably). Here are the ship stats you need to know.

  • Gross tonnage 93,502 GT
  • 965 feet long (or just over 294 meters)
  • 15 decks
  • Average number of guests 2394 passengers
  • Crew 1072 members
  • Almost 1,200 cabins
  • 540 houses with balconies

Construction and history

Norwegian gemshe was the cruise line's first Jewel-class ship. At the time of launch, the Jewel class included the largest shipsamong the fleet of Norwegian Cruise Line, until 2009, when the construction of the line beganNorwegian epic, which would surpass Norwegian Jewel by 60,000 GTE.

Norwegian gemordered in 2003 and built at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. The ship was launched in 2005, christened in Miami by godmother and former first lady Melania Trump. The ship entered service in December 2005. The ship then underwent a tank overhaul in 2018.

Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (1)

Other ships in the Jewel class include;Norwegian gem,Norwegian jadeInorwegian pearl.Norwegian jadeoriginally baptized asThe pride of Hawaii, in its current form, will initially be used as a US-flagged vessel under the NCL America brand.

However, this effort proved unsuccessful for Norwegian Cruise Line, so the specific ship was renamed and partially redesigned to better match the rest of the Jewel class.


Norwegian gemoffers a combination of cabins, including:

  • Indoor cabins
  • Cabins overlooking the ocean
  • Cottages with a balcony

As all of the nearly 1,200 cabins and suites were refurbished at berth in 2018, you can expect refreshed interiors designed to please the modern traveler.

There are even USB outlets in every cabin and suite so you can stay charged on the go and take in all the amenities you need such as coffee makers and hair dryers.

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Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (2)

The interior cabins look spacious and comfortable despite being inside, so this is the smallest option on board. The interior cabins feature lighted mirrors and hanging TVs, a blue and gray color palette, and an overall aesthetic that would suit most modern budget hotels.

If you're traveling alone or as a couple and don't plan to spend much time in your cabin during a cruise (there are so many other things to see and do than just sit in bed and watch TV, after all), or if you want to save money, indoor cabins are your best bet.

The ocean view rooms are a bit more modernized. They are only slightly larger than the inner cabins, but still seem much larger thanks to the windows.

Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (3)

Also, it should be noted that the windows are not huge.While some cruise shipswill provide large expansive views from floor to ceiling or even wall to wall, that's not what you'll find here. Instead, expect inconveniently placed windows behind the bed.

Finally, the balcony cabins are the most stylish and spacious cabins, with separate seating areas, a full entertainment center with shelves above the wall mounted TV and of course a large balcony.

The balconies have seating, small tables and a translucent railing for less unobstructed views. The balconies are also accessed through floor-to-ceiling glass doors that take up most of the exterior wall for even more views without getting out of bed.


When it comes to apartments, you have a few different options if you want to upgrade. They include:

  • Club suites with a balcony
  • Apartamenty Haven
  • Miniapartamenty
  • Traditional apartments (penthouse and family)
  • Luxurious owner apartments

Your most basic choice will be miniature apartments. At less than 300 square feet, they are larger than balcony cabins, with larger interiors and more outdoor space.

Each miniature suite has a sofa bed and large bathrooms with bathtubs instead of standing showers. All of this makes mini suites suitable for families who need extra space (and perhaps a tub for toddlers) but don't want to move to a larger suite or multiple cabins.

Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (4)

Club Balcony Suites are also essentially an upgrade to your Miniature Suite which is an upgrade to your Balcony Cabins. You have a balcony, an extra living room and a large bathroom.

Traditional medium-sized apartments vary in size and can be further divided into several categories. The penthouse apartments are slightly larger and have a separate bedroom, living room and dining area, a dressing room and a large balcony.

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These apartments also come with additional services. The family suites have multiple bedrooms and can accommodate up to six passengers, making them ideal not only for families but also for groups of friends.

Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (5)

The Haven Apartments are also divided into several different types, but overall staying at The Haven is a great idea, whichever type of apartment you choose.

Norwegian's newer offering, The Haven is the ship's VIP area, which has its own perks and private areas that regular cruise ships don't have access to. Haven guests have their own gym, courtyard, pool, hot tub and more.

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The Haven Suites are Penthouses Courtyard with large bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas. The Haven family suites have two bedrooms each. Haven Garden Villas and Owner's Suites are the largest accommodation options onboard, with added benefits such as balcony hot tubs, panoramic ocean views, pianos and more.

Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (6)

The deluxe Owner's Suites are a brand new option since the ship's refurbishment in 2018. They offer large balconies (which are even larger than some of the other cabins combined) and can accommodate four travelers.


Norwegian gemoffers a wide choice of restaurants. If you're going on an average cruise, you should be able to try a little bit of everything without feeling like you're missing out.

Free restaurants include:

  • Azura, one of the ship's two main restaurants, offering American cuisine
  • Tsar Palace, the second of the ship's two main restaurants, which also offers American cruise tickets
  • The Garden Cafe, for breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets
  • Chin Chin Asian Restaurant offers authentic noodles, soups and more
  • O'Sheehan's Bar & Grill, for classic Irish pubs and beers
  • The Great Outdoors, for poolside burgers, dogs and drinks
  • Topsiders Bar & Grill, same thing again, by the pool

Room service is also available 24 hours a day, but if you order room service, you will have to pay a service fee of $9.95 unless you order a continental breakfast before 10:00 AM. or if you are staying in a butler service suite. In addition to the service charge, you will also be charged a 20% tip.

Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (7)

In addition to the above free restaurants, the cost of which is included in the cruise price, the ship also offers several specialty restaurants, which are subject to an additional fee. They include…

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  • Moderno Churrascaria, a Brazilian-style steakhouse with a 43-item salad bar and 12 meat dishes
  • Sushi, for modern Japanese cuisine
  • La Cucina, a traditional Italian restaurant
  • Atrium Cafe, for cocktails and coffee in the center of everything
  • Cagney's Steakhouse, for classic steakhouse style meals
  • Le Bistro, for a French dining experience
  • Teppanyaki, for Japanese-style grilling

Bars and lounges

Have a drink at one of theNorwegian gemmany waterholes. The ship is full of places where you can spend a cozy evening with a glass of whiskey or spend the whole night drinking your favorite cocktails. Your options will include:

Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (8)
  • Atrium Cafe & Bar, where you can enjoy a caffeine drink in the morning and a cocktail in the evening
  • Bliss Ultra Lounge, for clubbing all night long
  • Magnum's Champagne & Wine Bar for your favorite champagne in an Art Deco atmosphere
  • Maltings Beer & Whiskey Bar, modern looking but classic whiskey
  • O'Sheehan's Bar & Grill for a classic pub vibe
  • Sake Bar offers a wide range of sake and Asian beers
  • Shakers Martini & Cocktail Bar offers all your favorite cocktails in a 70s inspired style
  • Spinnaker Lounge with lots of music and dancing
  • Sugarcane Mojito Bar, for drinks all day long
  • The Great Outdoors, for drinks by the pool
  • Pit Stop, for chilled and frozen adult beverages in the open air
  • The Topsiders Bar offers even more drinks by the pool

swimming pools

But what's a cruise without a day at sea by the pool? During the cruiseNorwegian gem, you'll find six Jacuzzi's all over Deck 12, as well as the Sapphire Pool, the main pool with plenty of loungers and loungers (over 300!), also on Deck 12. The pool also has a separate children's pool.

Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (9)

The Haven Hotel has its own small indoor pool and hot tub, which you will have access to if you book a stay at the Haven Suite.

If you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of a pool but prefer to stay dry in the sun, check out the sun decks on decks 14 and 15.

Children's zones

Like all Norwegian Cruise Line ships,Norwegian gemit contains the Splash Academy, which is the cruise line's children's programming center. Splash Academy is divided into different age groups, with programs suitable for each age group.

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The Guppies Group is designed for children from 6 months to 2 years old, but you can't just drop your child off for coding. parent must be present for all programs for this age group.

Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights (10)

The Turtles team is designed for children aged 3 to 5. The Seals team includes children from 6 to 9 years old. The Dolphins team includes children from 10 to 12 years old.

A separate area for children is the Entourage Teens Club, designed for people aged 13 to 17. Slightly less structured and more socially oriented, the teen club offers games consoles and a juice bar, and special events such as game nights and film screenings. On sea days, a child can watch any program for free.

Norwegian gemCruises

Ready to go to the high seas and get oneNorwegian gemcruise? Book a cruise for you and your family now. This ship sails to a variety of destinations and offers something for almost every traveler, whether you prefer family deals, lots of fun in the sun, plenty to eat and drink, or a bit of everything.

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Frequently asked questions:

How old is heNorwegian gem?

Norwegian gementered service in 2005. Although the ship is just over 15 years old, the recent renovations carried out in 2018 brought the ship into the modern era.

How many passengers does it have?Norwegian gemcarry over?

Norwegian gemit has an average capacity of 2,394 passengers and carries an additional crew of 1,072. Passengers are accommodated in almost 1,200 cabins, almost half of which have balconies.

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I did itNorwegian gemdo you have an indoor pool

TheNorwegian gemoffers an indoor pool, but only in the VIP Haven area. If you book the Haven Suite you will have access to this small indoor pool. Otherwise, please stay in the main pool on Deck 12.


Norwegian cruise ship Jewel: overview and highlights? ›

The boat has 15 decks (12 passenger-accessible, 7 with cabins), 20 dining options, 13 lounges and bars, 3 swimming pools, 7 Jacuzzis (outdoor whirlpool hot tubs), 12 elevators.

How many pools are on the Norwegian Jewel? ›

The boat has 15 decks (12 passenger-accessible, 7 with cabins), 20 dining options, 13 lounges and bars, 3 swimming pools, 7 Jacuzzis (outdoor whirlpool hot tubs), 12 elevators.

When was the Norwegian Jewel updated? ›

The 2,376-passenger Norwegian Jewel (the namesake of the line's Jewel-class ships) has been cruising since 2005 and and underwent an extensive refurbishment in 2021.

Is there a pool on Norwegian Jewel? ›

The Norwegian Jewel does offer an indoor pool, but only in its VIP Haven area. If you book a Haven suite, you'll have access to this small indoor pool. Otherwise, you'll have to stick to the main pool area on Deck 12.

How many people are on the jewel in NCL? ›

2,376 passengers

Does the Norwegian Jewel have hair dryers? ›

All staterooms feature a TV, safe, hair dryer and bath products as well as a mini-bar, which are pay upon consumption. Room service is available from 5 am to midnight (subject to convenience charge), and all stateroom-to-stateroom calls are free.

Does the Norwegian Jewel have a water slide? ›

Differences Among Ships Within the Jewel Class

Namely, Norwegian Gem has a couple more active options than its sister ships, boasting both a climbing wall and a water slide at the pool. Norwegian Pearl also has a climbing wall, but it does not have a waterslide. Norwegian Jewel and Norwegian Jade have neither.

What is the current position of the Norwegian Jewel? ›

The current position of NORWEGIAN JEWEL is at North America West Coast reported 2 mins ago by AIS. The vessel is en route to KETCHIKAN,ALASKA, sailing at a speed of 16.6 knots and expected to arrive there on May 27, 21:00.

How many floors does the Norwegian Jewel have? ›

The Norwegian Jewel has 12 decks that are publicly accessible by passengers and crew.

Does Norwegian Jewel have a casino? ›

Every Norwegian ship features a casino, and the casinos on the Norwegian Jewel are massive. The casino features over 300 slot machines and 26 table games (including blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps), as well as a bar.

Does Norwegian Jewel have a sauna? ›

Facilities include wet and dry saunas, a relaxation room, hot tub, hydro-therapy pool and cold plunge pools .

Is water free on Norwegian? ›

On a Norwegian cruise, you'll find unsweetened iced tea, lemonade, select juice, water, drip coffee and tea, and filtered water (no bottled) included with your cruise. Most of these drinks are available free of charge in the buffet and in the dining rooms and restaurants.

Does the Norwegian Jewel have an observation lounge? ›

Public Rooms & Entertainment On Norwegian Jewel

Up on Deck 13, the Spinnaker observation lounge is also open for dancing at night.

What does club balcony get you on NCL? ›

Amenities include the option to pre-book onboard entertainment as early as 21 days and dining as early as 125 days prior to sail date, complimentary treats delivered to your stateroom, a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine, and a choice of one valet laundry or pressing service.

Does Norwegian cruise have indoor pools? ›

Whether you're dipping your toes in the water, warming up in a hot tub or doing laps in the longest indoor pool on Norwegian Dawn, bring your sunscreen and soak up the sun on our pool decks.

What is the average age of NCL cruise passengers? ›

Typical NCL passengers are couples ages 25 to 60, and include a fair number of honeymooners and families with kids during summers and holidays.

Does NCL Jewel have a haven restaurant? ›

The Jewel class also have a separate area, known as “The Haven” for guests staying in the suites. It features its own exclusive courtyard area. However, unlike the Havens on NCL's larger ships, the Havens on the Jewel class do not have their own dedicated restaurant.

How big is a Norwegian Jewel? ›

The NCL Jewel has a construction date of 2005 and a total size of 93,502 gross tons. The ship measures 965 feet (294 meters) in length and falls in line as number 13 among Norwegian Cruise Line's 19 active cruise ships. It's included in NCL's Jewel Class. At full capacity, the Norwegian Jewel holds 3,573 passengers.

Does Norwegian cruise have shampoo and conditioner? ›

NCL supplies every stateroom bathroom with shampoo and conditioner. However, guests may require specific toiletries that are not offered onboard.

Does NCL jewel have laundry facilities? ›

NCL doesn't have any self-service laundry facilities onboard its ships. However, the cruise line does offer a valet service to guests for a fee.

Do you get shampoo on a cruise ship? ›

Your cruise ship will provide basic toiletries for the shower, so there is no reason to waste precious luggage space on shampoo and conditioner. Check the bathroom before you leave to make sure you haven't left behind contact lenses, contact solution, glasses, medications, deodorant, mouthwash and hair gel.

Does the Norwegian Jewel have a thermal spa? ›

On top of any treatments you want at Norwegian's signature Mandara Spa, you'll also find a Spa Thermal Suite on Norwegian Jewel.

Does Jewel of the Seas have a running track? ›

The ship's outdoor jogging and walking track is located on Deck 12 circling around the pool deck below with six laps equal to a mile.

Does Jewel of the Seas have a walking track? ›

Actually, you can walk all the way around on deck 5 on Radiance class ships as long as you don't mind going up about 12 steps in the front of the ship and then down on the other side. This takes you by the helicopter pad. The only time you cannot is if they have closed the stairs because of wind/rough seas.

Is Norwegian a high end cruise line? ›

At their core, Norwegian ships are mass-market ships, with entry-level cabins that are affordable to middle-class travelers. However, overlaid across most vessels are high-end suites and services that are at a luxury level, and the line draws a good number of luxury-seeking travelers.

How old is the Norwegian Jewel? ›

NCL Ships By Age
ShipYear BuiltClass
Norwegian Jewel2005Jewel Class
Pride of America2005Unclassed
Norwegian Dawn2002Dawn Class
Norwegian Star2001Dawn Class
14 more rows
Dec 15, 2022

How many staterooms are on NCL Jewel? ›

Norwegian Jewel cruise ship deck plan has 1196 staterooms for up to 2870 passengers served by 1100 crew. There are 15 passenger decks, 8 with cabins.

How many passengers fit on Jewel of the Seas? ›

2,702 passengers

What is the size of the cabins on Jewel of the Seas? ›

Jewel Of The Seas staterooms (1072 total) include 61 Suites, 529 Balcony, 241 Oceanviews, 241 Inside (3 Single). Most cabins are sized 165-190 ft2 (15-18 m2). Most cabin balconies are sized 45 ft2 (4 m2). The smallest is Studio Interior (110 ft2 / 10 m2).

Are drinks free in the casino on NCL? ›

Free drinks in the casino are a perk of casino loyalty on Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Holland America and Norwegian Cruise Line.

What time are the shows on Norwegian Jewel? ›

Located over decks 5, 6 and 7 and seating 964 guests, performances are held at 7.00pm and 9.00pm and shows range from “Duo Elegia” (a circus style act featuring acrobatics, gymnastics, dancing and singing) and “Band On The Run” 70's musical extravaganza to Variety and Comedy/Magic shows.

Can you smoke in the casino on Jewel of the Seas? ›

Casino Royale allows smoking and has a designated area for non-smoking guests. There will be visible signage indicating the non-smoking area in the casino. All cruises departing from China and Hong Kong will not have a non-smoking area in the casino.

What do you wear to a Norwegian sauna? ›

To Suit up or Not to Suit Up

Many saunas have a strict “no swimsuit” rule to limit bacteria brought in by wet bathing suits; guests are asked to use clean towels to cover up instead. Check the protocols of the particular sauna before going—and check in with your own nudity comfort level.

Does Jewel of the Seas have a thermal spa? ›

The Thermal Suite within the spa on deck 11 includes a sauna, various styles of steam rooms and heated thermal chairs. It costs around $120for a cruise long pass or $20 for a daily pass, with a limited number of passes available.

Does Jewel of the Seas have a gym? ›

There's something for everyone on Jewel of the Seas. From our fitness center, basketball court and signature rock climbing wall for active, invigorating activities, to six pools and whirlpools, and a full-service onboard spa to relax and restore, your group will have the best of options.

Does NCL have free ice cream? ›

After a long day of exploring your ship, you may be tempted by the ice cream at Dolce Gelato. Though it is delicious there is a fee. Head up to the Garden Buffet where you can get free soft serve ice cream. In the afternoon and into the late hours, take a look when you're passing the pool deck grill.

Can I bring an empty water bottle on Norwegian Cruise? ›

Update: Guests are no longer allowed to bring water and soda on board. Bring a reusable water bottle to fill it up on the ship and carry it around with you while exploring the port.

Is ice tea free on NCL? ›

Are drinks free on Norwegian Cruise Line? The free drinks included with your cruise on NCL are ice tea, regular coffee, filtered water, and some free fountain juices in the buffet.

Has the Jewel of the Seas been refurbished? ›

Introduced in 2004, Jewel of the Seas carries up to 2,702 passengers and 852 crew members. It received its last major refurbishment in 2016, followed by a dry dock addressing technical matters in 2021.

When did Jewel of the Seas get refurbished? ›

Royal Caribbean International Jewel of the Seas Ship Information
Jewel of the Seas
Year Built2004
Year Last Refurbished2017
Capacity2,702 passengers
2 more rows

Where is the Norwegian Jewel right now? ›

The current position of NORWEGIAN JEWEL is at North America West Coast reported 21 hours ago by AIS. The vessel is en route to SKAGWAY,AK, sailing at a speed of 15.0 knots and expected to arrive there on Jun 2, 16:00.

When was Norwegian Jewel built? ›

Is there a formal night on Jewel of the Seas? ›

The dress code on board Jewel of the Seas is casual and relaxed during the day so you can enjoy your days at sea. Elegant Casual dress code is the main focus for the evening and those of you who like to dress to nines will be pleased to know that at least two Formal Evenings take place per cruise.

Is there ice skating on Jewel of the Seas? ›

Don't expect necessarily to find ice skating shows or high-flying trapeze acts or Cirque du Soleil while you're aboard Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas. The cruise ship is much more adept at serving up standard cruising entertainment than it is anything brand-new and glitzy.

What class of ship is Jewel of the Seas? ›

GTS Jewel of the Seas is a Radiance-class cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean. The ship was completed in the spring of 2004 with her maiden voyage in May of that year.

How many pools are on the Jewel of the Seas? ›

There's something for everyone on Jewel of the Seas. From our fitness center, basketball court and signature rock climbing wall for active, invigorating activities, to six pools and whirlpools, and a full-service onboard spa to relax and restore, your group will have the best of options.

Has Jewel of the Seas been amplified? ›

In addition, Jewel of the Seas was never going to be Amplified. As a result, the work being done on these ships will be limited to just "under the hood" type work, in order to ensure the ships can sail for another five years without problems.

What happens to a cruise ship in dry dock? ›

When a cruise ship goes into dry dock, it means it's being taken out of passenger service for a period of time to receive routine maintenance, new soft goods (linens, upholstery, etc.) or possibly a larger refurbishment involving the reimagining of specific public areas or the addition of new cabins or restaurants.

Is bottled water free on Norwegian cruise? ›

The free drinks included with your cruise on NCL are ice tea, regular coffee, filtered water, and some free fountain juices in the buffet. Sodas, specialty coffee, alcoholic drinks, frozen drinks, and bottled water are an extra charge unless you have an NCL drink package that covers these drinks.

What is the oldest Norwegian ship? ›

NCL boasts 17 ships within its fleet, not including the 2022 and 2023 Prima-class vessels. What's the oldest NCL ship? The oldest NCL ship is Norwegian Spirit, built in 1998 by Star Cruises and only becoming an official NCL ship in 2004.


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