Inside track: haim 'I was on the floor' (2023)

Secrets of Mixing Engineers: Ariel Rechtshaid and Rostam Batmanglij

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Batmanglij: "There is a sufficient edition on drum trails, because we love drums that have a combination of natural and unnatural. So we maintain the feeling of Danielle, but we also reduce things to add a quality that is influenced by hip hop.. It's like an old soul album loop that was cut. We were also organizing the battery part. As we gravated the battery, we asked Danielle to get a filling and then created battery performance using these fillings. ".

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Rechtshaid adds: "The battery has been recorded very simple. Most of the drum sound comes from RCA 44. There is also a Neumann Fet 47 in the kick and an STC 4033. They gave us a little lower. But 95 per scientist sound cameFrom the RCA 44, which has a very rich movement, since it plunged 6.45 kHz. It is very sensitive to what he calls hard frequencies. "

Batmanglij: "When working in 'Summer Girl', I used the surge of the wave sound change to launch the semitogetal battery 4-5, and this added enough grains. I did it again with the battery in this song, Pitch Pitch-Chamber the battery two semitones. He was experimenting to see how the trap ring was in the mixture. In addition, the shift of pimp makes things look more sampled, of course. I sent it to Ariel and the next time IorecibioThe session, he replaced the sound gear lever with the sample plug, making the same shot change, but with a different sound.

Inside track: haim 'I was on the floor' (1)The battery bus processing in 'He Weeed Down' included Fabfilter Pro -q 3 3, the hottest PSP vintage, the Chandler TG12345 emulation of Waves and Soul of Oeksound.

"The battery bus has Fabfilter Pro -q 3 that dives about 200hz, the TG12345 waves for compression and EQ, the vintage heater of the PSP and the Oeksound Soothe. Ahead is a semi -posted tape that adds saturation.Battery was strongly compressed and also due to the change of pimp, we obtained some hard frequencies that cannot be released, which were carried out by relief "

Then Batmanglij remembers the back of the bottom: "There is a bumper of jazz on the bridge, and the rest of the song has a low hofner. Both were recorded using the Tonecraft Di."

"We use the Fabfilter Pro -C2 compressor and Pro -Tools air distortion. It's very simple," adds Rechtshaid."We didn't do many elegant things, like parallel compression and things like that. It's great for certain things, but not for that song. This song was emotionally emotion, and it wasn't to lose it."

Inside track: haim 'I was on the floor' (2)Lower Di'D enjoyed a simple signal chain that comprises only a Fabfilter compressor and the Pro Tools air distortion complement.

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w url yo

Inside track: haim 'I was on the floor' (3)The Wurli Arturia supplement provided the sound of the electric piano.Batmanglij: "We wanted to have the sound of an old Wurlitzer, recorded to record in a dusty study. Enter the bridge. I rarely do it, but I created a predefined Pro Tools track in a different session and used -a in wurli track the wurli v2 complementIt is made by Arturia and they reach the sound with the synthesis instead of sampling, and seems very real. None of the pedals is used, but the reverb is activated.

"Then there is Sketch's aberrant DSP cassette, a two young people in New York. That, there is the GoodHertz Vulf compressor and the control of Goodhertz Wow for more wow and vibration. All of this was about returning to writing the writing ofsame recording or sampled. In the past, people recorded on tape and then had to jump the tracks of other tapes, and when you do, you have tons of different wow and fry the signal. My goal here to earrast this situation. "


The saxophone has been widely processed, as Batmanglij explains: "Yes, there are many accessories in Saxo! Saxophone Pro. The coach that changes Little Alterboy makes it seem more sampled, again and also much darker. I'm also using the distortion that isbuilt in the child alter.

Inside track: haim 'I was on the floor' (4)The saxophone was largely processed, with multiple equalizations, delay, trading change, and convolution reverberation using a Batmanglij impulse response in its own study.

"EAD Helios EQ changes the very dramatic sound. The most fascinating complement of saxo comes after that and is Altiveb, because I use a sample I did on Vox, putting my Dynaudio BM5S in the live room and I record the impulse response.This is part of how this saxophone sounds so alive. I'm already recording the saxo about one and a half meters away and then adding more space with the delay of the ups, just a touch to take it to the kingdom of bearingsin the 80s. "

Acoustic guitar

Batmanglij: "I recorded my guitar with the two microphones I usually have on my piano, a vertical Steinway K52. The microphones were about two and a half separated feet from each other, and both in front of the guitar. The same near the guitar thatYou get a lot of sound in space. Try to get more room sound has always been my approach to recording acoustic instruments. I added the Q10 waves using a city hall I made to get rid of the low media. "

Inside track: haim 'I was on the floor' (5)The guitar was treated with some equalization and a dose of sketches.Rechtshaid adds: "When we growl and I were doing modern vampires in the city, we were obsessed with the UAD AT102 complement, because EQ, compression, modulation and distortion is adding. They were the sound of Keith Richards acoustic guitar in 'Street Fight ManFight Man 'This plug-in gave us the essence we were looking for. "

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"Danielle's voice was recorded with the Sony 800, and a 1073LB and my 1176AE, black with the blue track," explains Batmanglij."There are not much and CLA -76 waves, and then a shipment to a nonlinear reverberation. No Lin is the main feature in vocal sound.3D Quality. The version I like best is the AMS RMX16 Nonlin.

"There is a different vocal sound on the bridge. The accessories are q2 waves again, they take everything below 60hz and dive about 250Hz; the cl76; and then there is an echo that moves to the right, from UAD. EP- 34Tape Echo. The dry voice is in the center. More space is added with a shipment to a auxurior reverberation chamber. This help has the UAD Ocean Way Studios plug, as well as the Cranesong Phoenixii Limiter and the L2007 massey limiter limiter limiter.For more for more volume. The idea is to make the song look like a handful of people singing in a room, although they were individually recorded. "

Bus master

Batmanglij: "The UAD SSL G-Series bus compressor is taking some peaks. Izotope Ozone9 is not doing much, especially only dynamic, domestication of some accumulated frequencies and allows us to have a strong recording that is not late.They are the final complement, and you like it or don't like it. I tend to like it!

Inside track: haim 'I was on the floor' (6)Mixture processing included the SSL UAD bus compressor, izotope ozone and L2 wave maximizer.

"As we mentioned, Touchstone with this song was The Rolling Stones and, on the bridge, I was thinking of Phil Spector, but updated. This is always floating deep in my mind during the entire album: how to do something that something thatIt plays these older techniques and recording effects, and we also become modern and competitive? Strict recreation is less inspiring to me; I want the recordings of which I am part of a new era sound. "

Session view

Inside track: haim 'I was on the floor' (7)This is the 65 -lane session of the tool for 'I was inactive'.

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This is the Pro Tools Session for 'I was in Zip Screen Capture for a detailed and bigger vision:Inside track: haim 'I was on the floor' (8)

In 65 lanes, the session is, according to modern standards, not particularly large.One reason for the relatively modest amount of lanes is the absence of an elaborate help and bus structure.The session starts with a master track and a click, so four auxiliary clues, then almost two dozen vocal tracks and, from there, are saxophones, guitars, wrolitzer, piano, organ, lubin, battery (with a battery bus)and percussion.

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