Exclusive: Why Chapel Hart's Golden Buzzer Winners Initially Refused 'America's Got Talent' (2023)

🎵 17-08-2022 03:57:54 – Paris/France.

The energy and joy they showHart Chapelon the stage on the seventh night of the 17th season of America's Talent, it was so contagious that although all the Golden Buzzers of the season had already been awarded, the judgesSimona Cowell,Howie Mandel,Heidi KlumetSofia Vergarawith the hostTerry Crewsall together to award them the Golden Buzzer team.

Country trio brothers from NashvilleDanicaetBecome the Mapand cousintrea deception,performed the original song "You Can Have Him Jolene" which was the answerDolly PartonThe hit "Jolene" from 1974, which was loved not only by the judges and the audience, but also by Dolly, who wrote about them on Twitter.

"When we saw the tweet was from Dolly, it meant the absolute world to us," said Devynn. Parade.com in this exclusive interview. "People asked a lot of times after we played, they said, 'Has Dolly been in contact with all of you? Did he do anything other than tweet?" We said, "You know what? A tweet is more than enough. He knows us, he knows the song, it was amazing."

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Another amazing event was that Chapel Hart was invited to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, and there are few honors greater than that in country music.

"This is the biggest step we can take in the world of country music," admitted Danica, who said they would debut on September 17 withJeannie Seeleywhich will be celebrating its fifth anniversary with the Opry.

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"We're so excited we'll probably cry and they'll have to give us another date so we can go back and sing without crying," Devin said with a laugh.

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What makes the Opry date even more special is that Chapel Hart struggled to gain a foothold in country music because, as Danica puts it, "country music isn't like us." , and explains that country music has had a formula they don't fit into for 100 years.

"It's not necessarily because we're black. there are white artists who don't fit the formula and have probably struggled for years," he said. "You look at people likeCarly Piercesay, "I've been in Nashville for almost 15 and a half years," and she just took a break. But maybe that formula didn't suit her either. I think that's the most important thing.

Danica also points out that they also have a harder time as a trio than as solo artists.

"I think we have a bit of a bigger problem because in Nashville when you say, 'I have a trio,' it's like, 'No, I can't form bands, they'll break up. Then you say, "It's a trio of girls," "Oh, no, the girls are in too much trouble." Then you say they're black and there's never been a black triplet in country music so we've got a lot of ratings on our side but we're still moving forward.

As Trea points out, country music is the music they grew up listening to, and it's about more than the R&B, soul or gospel that people might expect to sing.

"We listened to a lot of different kinds of music growing up, but I have to say 99.9 percent of that music is country music, especially in Poplarville, Mississippi," he said. “It didn't matter if you went to the grocery store or somewhere else, you hear it everywhere. On the other hand, I think country music is the kind of music that resonates most sincerely with us, because songs about kids playing barefoot in the streets, that's how we grew up. We can relate to these songs as opposed to the ones that are all about fancy things.

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Also, during our chat, Danica, Devynn, and Trea talked about how they initially turned down the opportunity to audition for AGT and what they changed their minds about, plans to win the contest, and more.

What made you decide to audition for America's Talent? It's a show that always has a lot of singers, but not a lot of country singers.

Danish:Correctly. This is one of our favorite questions because we hardly ever auditioned. So ex-scout, her name is Lindsay Rush. Lindsay held out her hand and said, "Ladies, you should definitely audition for America's Got Talent." We were already on tour at the time, so we said to ourselves, 'Thanks, but no, thanks, we're already on tour, something's going on. Lindsay was so persistent. He said, "I've heard the music, I've seen the movies. You should all do it. He was like, "Please, please, please," so we said, "Okay, we're going to audition." »

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We were nervous at first but I think the main reason we all finally sat down and talked was because like everyone at the end of your career, at the end of your life, at the end of your journey, you want to look back and say you did what you wanted to do, what you could and did what you were afraid to do. I think America's Got Talent was for us. Then somehow it turned into something we had to do.

When you auditioned, did you know that all the Golden Buzzers had already arrived? Was receiving the Golden Buzzer team an even bigger shock for you?

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Treasure :Yes, we were absolutely amazed. First, I think there may have been a point where we completely forgot about the Golden Buzzer concept as a whole. Then during the audition process, we knew that other artists were saying, "We've got the Golden Buzzer, we've got the Golden Buzzer. Then when Simon said he was gone, we didn't think it was possible. To be honest, we were only counting on four yeses. There was a moment when you could see from our faces that we were confused because they didn't say no, but they still didn't say yes. When we saw everyone's hands go down [to hit the Golden Buzzer], it was like hitting the ground.

You can't tell me what you're singing tonight, but how do you top an original song like "You Can Have Him Jolene"? Do you have a strategy to reach the final? Are you going to make another prototype? Will you sing a cover?

Danish:You're right. We can't say what we're doing. But we can give you some exclusivity. Our goal is to continue creating original music. After our audition aired, everyone kept saying, “We want more. We want to know more about Chapel Hart. Oh my god, where can I find your album? Everyone said they wanted Chapel Hart more. We've never seen anyone win AGT by singing original music all the time, so it will be - I guess you can call it strategy if you want, but I think more than anything else, it's our way of betting on ourselves. This is our plan.

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When you sit down to write, do you three do it together? Or maybe someone has an idea and others help? How does this process work?

Treasure :I must say our process is that there is no process. We try to draw inspiration from everywhere. Sometimes we will meet collectively and we will write, sometimes we will write individually, and then we will come together to the workshop. So there's really no specific method, it's all up to the song that works best.

What are the plans for the $1 million prize if you win?

Danish:Maybe this is a question for three people. We are sure the first thing we buy will be all four matching wheels.

Devin:I didn't think much about it other than helping. In addition to four wheels, we also want to be able to start helping various music programs in schools and give back, restore music programs where we can and do what we can to help the youth who follow us.

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Treasure :I think the only other thing we really want to do is be able to travel further and further and further spread our message of love through music.

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What will you do with four wheels?

Danica i Devyn:We'll be rolling in mud everywhere. We can go back to Poplarville because we have the key to the city, so I don't know what kind of trouble we might get into, but we can take them all over town if we want to. We don't know for sure, but we feel like it might.

You have released music in the past and have been inducted into Next Women of Country 2021. What is the long term goal of all this? The next step is to win America's Got Talent, but what's the next step after that?

Treasure :Then we hope to win America's Got Talent. I think conventionally the next step would be our residency in Las Vegas. But after that, I think we can all agree that we were like shoes on the ground and just trying to reach as many people as possible. But now that we have this platform and our growing fan base around the world and all the love we've received from people digitally and in person, we just want to be able to give all that love back to as many people as possible. as close and personal as possible. I would say more touring, more traveling and more music.

Danish:We hope to open up to all our favorite country music stars such asCarrie Underwoodso maybeZac Brownso maybeShania Twain,Chickensetsmall big city. We have so many people we want to reach.

Treasure :We love Little Big Town. And chicks andBig and rich.The list is long. Many artists, when they come out, are like everything to me. But honestly, we want to meet all our new friends in the country industry and be able to tour and perform with them.

So with the three of you in the band, how do you decide what to sing? Is it two out of three? Or does it have to be unanimous?

Danish:I guess if it comes down to rock, paper, scissors, we can play rock, paper, scissors. But what usually happens is that when we talk and discuss it, the three of us usually have a hunch. Everything falls into place and we say, "You know what? Yes you are right. So we didn't have to resort to paper, rock and scissors.

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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What happened with Chapel Hart on AGT? ›

Chapel Hart got close to the grand prize but fell short in the season finale of "America's Got Talent." Soon after making the show's top five finalists, the group's hopes of winning were dashed as they were named the first of the five to be eliminated.

What did Darius Rucker say about Chapel Hart? ›

“Like so many people, I was blown away when I saw Chapel Hart's original response to 'Jolene,'” said Rucker. “I was recording 'Ol' Church Hymn' at the time and instantly had this vision of it becoming a duet once I heard their voices.

How did Chapel Hart get a golden buzzer? ›

But it appears the judges were so impressed, they issued the unanimous, or group, Golden Buzzer to Chapel Hart, which is rare on the show. Getting a Golden Buzzer signifies that artist or band has earned a fast-track invitation to the live performance stage.

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Many recipients go on to advance to the final round, but only a select group have actually won the entire show and that $1 million grand prize. So in 16 seasons, who are those Acts?


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