Do you look at university football on TV, do you have to be so unhappy? (2023)

Do you look at university football on TV, do you have to be so unhappy? (1)

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Companies that control these transmissions know: it can still be very lucrative to offer an experience that spoil fans.

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For example, it is full of 8:43 p.m., it looks very cold and a little discouraged.The schedule said that the start was at 8 p.m., but in reality it only took place 8: 18.In the 25 minutes, they were interrupted by three commercial breaks.Every announcement during these breaks was for trucks.

The broadcasters have an argument about the head coach of his team and his alleged inability to win "great games" from identical discussions in each of the team's nine earlier competitions.

You will continue to see this gear until it ends at 11:47.

Why?Because they are a university football fan and the connection between you and the team that supports you is idiosyncratic, which is difficult to extinguish.

At a time when the television ratings in the decline in the overall Live audience, to which it makes a contribution, can bring more than three million viewers a week.On average, it is valuable for the multinational company that it transfers the game.This is a tough demand during the season that begins for most teams this weekend and, if you are lucky, expand in January next year.It is not necessarily affected by the quality and attention with which it has produced the gear.

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They are a case study in the consolidation of modern media: it can still be very lucrative to offer an experience that is insulting in many ways.

As a professional journalist and expert for football at the university, I felt forced to explore such matters while examining my next book."The hot seat, "Where this article adapts. The book tells the story of excessive modern American University Football Fedoma in the 2021 Michigan Wolverines (average weekly audience:4.74 million) and youSplit trainerJim Harbaugh.Tomé so seriously that I have often asked my wife to take care of our three children during the team's games, to observe and look at the state of television sports with the clearest spirit.It often went off).

I also spoke about the topic with John Kosner, a former ESPN New York and became a fan of university football because in his words he "was so different from anything I experienced".

But what university football is is now far from seeing regularly in the 1970s.Competition environment.

"He makes agreements against the demand for these conferences and the media company for which he works and a competitive area," said Kosner.Do not decide that you complete this deal."

This is true.Big Ten games have been broadcast in ESPN and ABC for years, but the parties could not reach an agreement on the renewal of their relationship.The seven -year agreement and 7 billion US dollars of the conferenceannounced this monthIt is with FOX, CBS and NBC.Future exclusive rights insuredTo transmit the Southeast Conference, whose teams are more successful in the field than the Big Ten and almost as popular.

"What happens is that the conference says:" Ok, we want more for our rights or we want $ 25 million for the championship game, "said Kosner."And the answer is often: "We want to expand the commercial for it". And they say: "Ok."

In response to questions of how long the games take now, up to four hours with all planned breaks and if this influences the live experience, a spokesman for ESPN said that many factors influence the duration of a game, including the style of,Including the style of the style of the game, games for reviews and advertising.

"Commercial breaks are a standard component of every television sport and an important element of media companies that regain their important investment," said the spokeswoman.

Michigan's 2021 season was unexpectedly explained, but in the past few years, team supporters were important injuries to the games that, as head coach Mr. Harbaugh, had never defeated the state of Ohio in general and were not ableTimothy BurkeIt helped me to create transcripts of 43 football broadcasts from Michigan, which were broadcast between 2018 and 2021.There were at least 31 comments on Mr. Harbaugh, who had not defeated the state of Ohio in the archive, and excluded the real games against the state of Ohio.


Do you look at university football on TV, do you have to be so unhappy? (2)
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The alleged overvaluation of Coach Harbaugh was a favorite topic not only during the games, but also in the original ESPN of university football "," surprisingly shameful "," an idiot "," a colossal failure "and" a total fraud "Emphasized with enthusiasm, Michigan had never reached the playoffs of university football until last season. The four -team championship system, which started in 2014, that ESPN has exclusive television rights.

Mr. Finebaum was not the only person in ESPN heard by teams who were successful or failed by an article in ESPN or not, or not university football playoffAtletico Der, the C.F.P.was mentioned 27 times in an episode of three hours in December 2020 by "College Gameday", the emblematic news and discussions about the net.).

But what resources have fans?ESPN is more and more the only game in the city that further reflects the hole and nationalization of the media.

According to Pew Research Center, the daily distribution of newspapers in the USA has dropped to 24 million 62 million in the past 50 years.According to PEW, there were around 80,000 employees of the design room in the country between newspapers and the Internet on the Internet in 2008 and until 2020 this number fell to 49,000.

Sports Illustrated was checked in the Atlético KingdomSince 2019For a company that has described Theraven, Maven and the Arena Group and whose central project, as the owner of the magazine, apparently seems to be attached to certain teams, is in a quick approach: "A recently published publication begins on one of these websites).

ESPN, on the other hand, uses some of the best reporters and commentators in the industry, but cuts them off at alarming speed.Around 100 employees of the design room were completed in oneUnique day in 2017and more werewhileThe pandemic.

One possibility of how ESPN fills its schedule is now with the so -called hot shots: these are the five hours from Monday to Friday full of speaking minds, persistent journalists and former players who broadcast their hyperbolic and provocative views.

Fox Sports, which is part of the Fox Corporation, which is controlled by Murdoch, is nominally an ESPNThe farewell societyAlmost all of your authors and reporters and hired a number of ESPN speakers and the main producers of ESPN interview programs.sixDaily hours of discussion format (ie argument).

One of the best personalities from ESPN is a radio presenter named Colin Cowherd, which once noticed, almost an almost oneAdmirable honest interviewWith Bryan Curtis from the wrestling, it is that "in my business there is occasionally absurdly wrong."And closed a rummy about whether he was wrong in the question of the program of the day, his allegations that a certain field marshal had not prepared enough for the games and asked: "Who is interested?"

Definitely wrong, it is not necessarily a bad strategy.Opinion stories are disproportionately at the top of the most exchanged lists of news sites and presentedFacebook -MemosPublic in autumn 2021 showed that the company had rewarded the external content that users reacted with the emoji "Angry Face" with a better place in the news.Managers and producers continue to emphasize the characters and stories when they believe that they will be.Particularly split: Tim Tebow, Lebron James and when he drowns or it is better than Michael Jordan, the Dallas Cowboys in general etc. ", they specifically told me:" You can't do enough Tebow ", the expertSaid Doug GottliebAfter leaving ESPN in 2012.

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Disney knows the value of a prisoner and exciting audience: In addition to his sports rights, it has the Star Wars Universe, the Marvel and Pixar comic characters.Disney's profitsjumped by 50 percentIn 2021, the financial information company S&P Global Market Intelligence estimates that ESPN more than $ 8.

Curious whether this feeling of oppression by a cultural monopoly could be treated by the type of legal remedy that are typically connected to companies that produce steel rays and computer software, I spoke to a legal professor at the University of Michigan and a cartel representative namedDaniel Kran.

I was open to the idea that my long symptoms about commercial and hot recordings were proof of a "quality deterioration", which was one of the typical consequences for consumers of a monopolistic market.Production.Mr. Crane says for registration if he is not personally in a Michigan game, he usually listens to the radio).

But he warned that it does not mean that something has to change regulatory authority, he has officially finished: "It's a bit bad."

In addition, he added that the law really doesn't matter that the fans of a certain team change the channel to see another game, not the same as the change to another soap for dishes.

The reports that preceded the latest major contract had pointed out that the university administrators had control over their sport control.News communication about the agreement I have read mentioned something about reducing the duration of the commercial breaks.

Is that something stupid that you have to worry about?Yes and not.On the one hand, the university football is not as crucial for a problem as two examples, climate change and cancer.On the other hand, like all cultural stories, high and low, it is of immaterial but fundamental importance for the lives of those who use to define their social communities and explain their personal origins and values to understand how lifeBasically works.

Karl Marx saidalienationIs it the condition that people experience if they have no autonomy about something personal or social for them because they are subject to the power and incentives of the accumulated capital?I think it presents the concept of how Marx defines it when I see five consecutive commercials 16 times during a university football broadcast so that the shareholders from Disney and Rupert Murdoch can benefit.

Mr. Cranes advice on unfortunate spectators who had been informed by the success to kill European football fans by killing a consolidated proposal of the "Super League" in 2021 by the pressure by political channels, it was to open activism at levelLevel locally to create to create to create to create to create a headache for the university.The presidents, the regents and others who really have the leverage effect to tell a television channel network that he should cool it down.

However, what makes the situation difficult is that the fans have an incentive that their schools also go out.The essence of the domain of university football about your audience is that it can in particular confirm the state and the relevance of a school, a state or a region in a way that no other activity, even no other sport.

The selection of financial resources for which other schools could be available and could move away from the star room would object to the entire company.I have a lot to complain aboutColin Cowherd!Thanks, Joel!

When I spoke to Mr. Kosner, the former ESPN manager, he reported on the bets of a Thanksgiving game from 1971 between Nebraska and Oklahoma, which he remembered to see."He had everything," he said.Medium of the country, a great rivalry between the states."" This game no longer happens because Nebraska chose the Great Ten.

As he realized, the reason why Nebraska Big Ten had joined and was accepted with enthusiasm.Nebraska had an average of 2.29 million viewers last week, and there is no back.


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