Charlie Tahan in the 'Ozark' Scene That Changed Everything for Wyatt (2023)

This story contains spoilers for season four, the first part ofOzark.

five seconds.Ozark It usually moves at an incredibly carefree pace, building the tension piece by piece, like a twisted Jenga tower, only to bring it all down an hour later. That has changed in the series.Season four, end of the first part, which debuted on Netflix last week. After an episode of FBI shenanigans and deals, cartel boss on call Javi is suddenly interrupted. With about 10 minutes left in the new episodes, he breaks into the Snell ranch, murders Wyatt Langmore and Darlene Snell, and moves on.

"I had a different idea of ​​what it would be like," says Charlie Tahan, who played WyattOzarkhowThe show premiered."I thought it would take a lot longer. But I really loved the sudden surprise. It's five seconds. You sit down and that’s it.”

When I zoomed in with Tahan on Thursday night, aliasOzarkEve - she had obviously had some time to process the death of the character who had been in her life since she was 18. (Tahan is now 23 years old and jokes that he goes to "OzarkSchool"). For the rest of us? We had to mourn the sudden death of a character who had finally made a decisionarebest interests in mind: marry Darlene, take responsibility for baby Zeke and, like it or not, build a life separate from Ruth. Wyatt Langmore? you left too soon

Tahan spoke to us about Wyatt's last interaction with Ruth, whether Darlene and Wyatt really loved each other or not, and the filming of that fateful scene. The following conversation has been edited for clarity and length.

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ESQUIRE: When did you find out about Wyatt's fate this season?

Charlie, wait a minute:I remember a series of phone calls. [OzarkShowrunner] Chris Mundy when he called me maybe he was feeling bad and thought I would think he was attacking me personally which he is not.

ESQ: Let's start with the first scene of the last episode when Wyatt tells Ruth he loves Darlene and will stay with her. Could you break down what's going on there, just from your perspective?

CONNECTICUT.:The main thing I always say is that he struggles with his confidence in his abilities to go out and make a life for himself. He thought about what Ruth would want from him. Ruth obviously feels very guilty later in the show, but early on Ruth lays her eggs to make sure Wyatt is okay. In this scene, Wyatt humbly accepts responsibility for the makeshift family he has created for himself. Whether it's right or wrong, I think it's something at the time that he thinks he has to do with.

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ESQ: When you talk about Wyatt going his own way, could that have meant Ruth and Darlene living apart?

CONNECTICUT.:Yes, I think the option Ruth was hoping for was in a way just getting out of the neighborhood. And I think he put a lot of emphasis on Wyatt's intelligence. Apparently he had a pension for the academy. It just seems like something I think Ruth would expect [Wyatt] wouldn't live the similar cyclical life his family had. He wanted Wyatt to break that pattern. And I think Wyatt would have liked it too. He just didn't have anyone from the outside world telling him and inspiring him to do his thing. Separated from Ruth, he believes he is in a place where it is the best he can get for himself. I think he found meaning between seasons 3 and 4 with Zeke.

I think he had a pattern of running away from his problems. And I think he's saying, Look, whatever happens, I started it and I'll take care of it.

ESQ: That's sad and hopeful at the same time. Having a baby in her life is beautiful for the figure.

CONNECTICUT.:Besides, who knows what the hell would have happened if Wyatt had left. Maybe that week he would have gone to college, stolen something, and been kicked out. That's maybe what's going through your mind. I do not know. There's something about him, a little bit sad, but almost admirable: taking responsibility and not running away. He had a pattern of running away from his problems. And I think he's likeWhatever happens, I started it and will take care of it.On paper that could be admirable at times, although I think it probably stems from his own insecurity.

ESQ: This is especially admirable in a series where most of the characters are chasing or running away from someone. Do you think that moment between Ruth and Wyatt where he doesn't invite her to his wedding was a definitive break in their relationship?

CONNECTICUT.:I think it's a definitive break in the relationship they had for two seasons. I don't think I ever considered it a complete break with our relationship as a whole. Wyatt spent a lot of time this season juggling his loyalties to Ruth and Darlene. Make a decision, for better or for worse. When we were shooting I didn't think about where this would take Ruth in the future. But I imagine they would still be spinning in the same circles.

ESQ: What will you miss about playing Wyatt?

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CONNECTICUT.:A lot of. Honestly, when you're playing a character, it just depends on the day. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what the hell I'm doing, other days it seems easier. I mean what I will miss the most is being on set and with my friends. Everyone says that, but we were all together for five years and became a family. And I will miss that. I will miss hanging out by the lake where we were filming. I got this job when I was 18 and a child actor. So this is the first job where I didn't have to have tutors or go to school. I'm 23 now. I didOzarkSchool.


CONNECTICUT.:That's really what I'm comparing it to. I mean I found a whole group of friends. Also, I am very proud of the program and the number of people who have responded.

Charlie Tahan in the 'Ozark' Scene That Changed Everything for Wyatt (2)

deep thoughts

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ESQ: One thing we haven't addressed yet is the relationship between Darlene and Wyatt. Do you think there is real love behind it?

CONNECTICUT.:I would say I, Charlie, I'm young and I don't really know what that looks like and it really wouldn't be my place. When we were shooting I just said there was love for whatever reason. I believe that each fills a role that the other lacks. And I think they create a real bond and relationship. You have mutual respect. While Wyatt was vulnerable, I don't think Darlene starting a relationship with him was something she foresaw or planned or anything, no matter how bad it might be afterwards.

I don't see Wyatt as a victim in that regard. They are in love? I think there's some love there, absolutely. I'm still wondering what that means. I think Wyatt felt cared for by Ruth and her family, positively or not. What Darlene Wyatt offered that Ruth didn't offer was accountability. In fact, she gave him purpose, responsibility, a proper place and a job that was his. After being mentored by Ruth for so long, I think it felt right to take care of Zeke, a business, and to separate from the family into which he was born.

ESQ: What do you remember from filming Wyatt's death?

CONNECTICUT.:It felt different shooting this scene, even technically, than other scenes. They haven't done many tracking shots where so much information is given. We were only on doubles and we threw our heads back. That was a really fun scene to shoot. And it was one of the few times I looked at the monitor right after shooting. Everyone says: "You have to see this recording." … When I wanted to shoot, I had a different idea of ​​what it would be like. I thought it would take much longer. But I loved the sudden effect. It's five seconds. You sit down and that's it.

ESQ: As soon as you finish this scene you say to yourself:Oh shit, now he's dead?

CONNECTICUT.:I think if it was the last scene I did I probably would have felt different. I wish I could say a cool quote that I was upset going home that day. I'm sorry for the loss of Wyatt, but no, it was really just a day with lots of practical effects and lots of moving parts. It took a while for this recording. But I love shit like that. it's a dance

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