Casagrand Meridian Apartments 2 BHK and 3 BHK for sale in K R Puram (2023)

Casagrand Meridian Apartments 2 BHK and 3 BHK for sale in K R Puram (1)

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Casangrand launches Casagrand Meridian, a new premium residential project located in K R Puram, Bangalore. The project is spread over 3.35 acres of land comprising the finest 215 carefully designed premium 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments for sale in Bangalore. The luxury segment offers beautifully designed Vaastu compliant homes with zero percent waste. Casagrand Meridian K R Puram, Bangalore features a grand arched entryway that welcomes the resident with grandeur enhanced by lighting. Contemporary elevation with dynamic facade lighting enhances the building's exterior, giving people a sense of luxury. The high-rise apartments allow you to breathe fresh air every morning and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Casagrand Meridian Residential Apartments consist of 80% open space and 2.27 acres of landscaped land filled with outdoor amenities for happy and healthy living. Enjoy over 70 amenities, including an infinity pool, Galaxy lounge, playground and more, providing residents with a happy, enriching experience that fuels their ongoing physical health, mental well-being and social connection. Rest and relax in a luxurious 7,000-square-foot clubhouse with a host of indoor and rooftop amenities. Casagrand's new launch apartments have a large open podium and a beautiful green belt that allows connection with nature. Casagrand apartments for sale are located in a highly sought after area, close to well-known IT/ITES companies, educational institutions, medical facilities and shopping malls. As a result, you can enjoy an urban lifestyle without compromising on comfort and luxury.

Meridiano RERA Casagrand: PRM/KA/RERA1251/446/PR/181122/005482

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Casagrand Meridian Apartments 2 BHK and 3 BHK for sale in K R Puram (2)
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TERRAIN – 3.35 area


Piso Nº -B+ G+ 14

TYPE NUMBER: 2 and 3 bedrooms





AREA – 1302 square feet – 1466 square feet

PRICE – INR 5799/-*

VALUE – BRL 83 lakes and above *


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price list


AREA – 1633 square feet – 1853 square feet

PRECIO -5799 INR/-*

VALUE – BRL 94 lakes and above *


price list

The new apartments of Casagrand Meridian in KR Puram, Bangalore are available at attractive prices starting from INR. 83 Lakhs* and above.


Prices for Casagrand Meridian 2 BHK start from ₹83 Lakhs* and above

Prices for Casagrand Meridian 3 BHK start from ₹94.69 lakhs* and above


Casagrand Meridian high rise apartments for sale in K R Puram, Bangalore offers you premium lifestyle with 70+ amenities and 7000sf grand clubhouse with rooftop amenities all designed to help residents of all ages lead healthy lifestyles A convenience store, ironing shop and other amenities, easily find your daily temporary problems. Amenities for seniors include a reflexology walkway, senior alcove, and leisure seating. A self-gardening facility allows people to grow and care for their own plants, promoting agriculture and gardening within the community. In addition to the usual amenities like playgrounds and sports fields, the resort includes special kid-friendly features like a rock climbing wall, skating rink, and bike paths that encourage young people to interact with each other. In addition, each home is designed to be exterior facing or have interior podiums that allow for good ventilation and views from every room and balcony. In addition, amenities at Casagrand Meridian include:

  • Front desk
  • multipurpose bedroom
  • sala audiovisual
  • Guest room
  • Academia
  • yoga/zumba floor
  • association room
  • water gun for kids
  • interactive water jets
  • water gymnastics
  • cinema sky
  • galaxy hall
  • Terrace Hangout Plaza Facilities
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  • delivery point
  • sports court
  • Amphitheater
  • put golf
  • game grass
  • Running and walking track
  • car wash bay
  • party lawn
  • net garden
  • chromotherapy garden
  • street training station
  • garden do it yourself


Luxury Casagrand Meridian apartments for sale in K R Puram, Bangalore are in prime locations with good infrastructure and civic facilities. Casagrand Meridian's connectivity to major parts of the city such as ORR, OMR Road and T C Palya Road allows residents to conveniently reach their destination from anywhere in the city. Areas close to Casagrand Meridian are Indranagar, Marathalli, Whitefield, Hoskote and Hebbal. In addition, the location of the Casagrand meridian is easily accessible for


Casagrand Meridian's master plan has a lot to offer in terms of open areas, manicured gardens and amenities that successfully cater to individual needs. Casagrand Meridian's master plan consists of numerous amenities such as indoor, outdoor amenities, a grand entrance, and many others. The design is meticulously constructed to avoid interruptions or views into other apartments. Modern elevations and facade lighting give an uplifting appearance to building exteriors.

Casagrand Meridian specifications have been carefully chosen to provide a better living environment with modern technology inside your homes.

For more details on the master plan, download the brochure below.

The floor plan of the Casagrand Meridian shows the unit size and configurations for each unit. Casagrand Meridian 2 BHK Apartment Plan for Sale in K R Puram, Bangalore shows size and private terraces. BHK 3 storey floor plan for sale in K R Puram, Bangalore shows 3 bedrooms, a living/dining room, kitchen, utility room, 2 balconies and a private terrace.

Project settings:

Casagrand Meridian 2 BHK flat size ranges from 1302 square feet to 1522 square feet

Casagrand Meridian 3 BHK flat size ranges from 1633 square feet to 2045 square feet

Date of possession of the Casagrand Meridian: November 2025 onwards

For more details on the floor plan, download the brochure below.


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Casagrand Meridian offers the ultimate in luxury with its modern exterior, five-star interiors and numerous features and amenities perfectly designed to provide you with an exquisite living experience. The property is situated in the center of KR Puram at Battarahalli, close to Old Madras Road, close to tranquil KR Puram Lake and close to Indiranagar, Whitefield, Hoodi, next metro stations, Budigere, Mahadevapura, ORR Road and Indiranagar. Health facilities, schools and other civic services are located in the vicinity of the Project. The Project is situated in an incredibly privileged and strategic location close to the main corporate areas. Meridian is a fantastic alternative for personal use or for investment purposes due to the well-designed homes that prioritize ventilation, Vaastu compliance and natural light, as well as unrestricted views of KR Puram lake. Enter the world of pleasure, comfort and elegance and experience an elevated lifestyle at Casagrand Meridian!

For more details about the Casagrand Meridian project or to schedule a site visit, contact us at 99000 52979


South India's leading real estate company, Casagrand Builder, Private Limited is committed to meeting customer expectations and delivering value. Over the past 17 years, they have built nearly 30 million square feet of extraordinary residential properties in Chennai, Bengaluru and Coimbatore. Their dedication is a testament to the 22,000+ happy families residing in over 140 iconic homes. With projects worth more than Rs 8,000 crores in the pipeline, Casagrand is ready to move forward on its seventeen year journey.

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