America's Got Talent Winners List: All Winners, Champions, and Runner-Ups (2023)

america's got talentit has been on the air for over a decade. The show premiered in 2006 with David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood and Piers Morgan as judges. Regis Philbin hosted the first season. The show has evolved ever since, and many notable hosts and judges have flocked to see some of the biggest, most impressive, and most bizarre talent America has to offer.
america's got talenthad many amazing winners, runners-up and top ten finishes and now withAmerica's Got Talent: Die ChampionsYou can come back to win the heart of the nation once more. Don't worry if there are a few people you might not recognize at the premiere, we've got you covered. Here is a complete list of all the previous winners and finalists of this successful competitive program.

season 1

Winner:bianca ryan
Runners-up (2nd and 3rd place):All that and the Millers
At the young age of 11, Bianca Ryan was the first to winamerica's got talent. Her beautiful singing voice captivated everyone and made her a fan favorite of hers from the very beginning. With celebrity trainer Yolanda Adams in her corner, this youngster took home the million dollar prize. Male jamming group All That and singer/guitarist/harmonica player The Millers placed second in this competition.

season 2

Winner:terry factor
runner-up:cas haley
Terry Fator charmed America as a singing impressionist ventriloquist. Fator and his adorable puppet Winston, the tortoise personified, have captured the whims of ventriloquism. No one could forget the guest who sang with Winston, Kermit the Frog himself. His song "You've Got a Friend in Me" touched everyone with his wholesome nature and humor.
Cas Haley also took America by storm as a singer/musician. Haley was a homemaker from Texas whose reggae style really kept the audience amused. His duet with UB40 was also one to remember as they sang "Red Red Wine."

season 3

Winner:Neal E. Boyd
runner-up:este es Mattson
Neal E. Boyd really showed his talent. Known as a pop opera singer, his voice took him to the top. With impressive performances such as "Nessun dorma" from the operaTurandotand "Somewhere".West Side Story,He was known as the victor in the Season 3 competition. Ultimately, no one could top his powerful voice, though Eli Mattson came close.
Eli Mattson is a singer/pianist whose soft voice captivated audiences. His renditions of Elton John's "Your Song" and Tony Rich's "Nobody Knows" enamored fans around the world. His performances consisted of just him and the piano, creating an intimate atmosphere and allowing his pure talent to speak for him. A completely incredible action.

season 4

Winner:kevin desollador
runner-up:Barbara Padilla
Country singer Kevin Skinner took home the million-dollar prize and the 10-week headlining show at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip for season four. Skinner's country drawl and smooth range of him resonated with audiences. His rendition of Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" really worked in the finale.
Barbara Padilla is a talented opera singer who was runner-up this season. With impressive range and control of her voice, she dominated the stage with her presence. In each performance, she seemed to put her heart and soul into the music.

season 5

Winner:miguel grimm
runner-up:Jackie Evancho

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The winner of season 5 was Michael Grimm, the singer and musician from Colorado. Grimm caught the nation's attention with his incredible voice. His duet with Jewel in the finale was one to remember fondly, as they both seemed to be singing their hearts out to him and letting it all out on stage.
Jackie Evancho is a singer specializing in classic crossovers. A young girl with such an amazing and powerful voice. She seemed almost mesmerized as the audience was mesmerized by her talent. With no fear and no love for what she does, Evancho has a truly incredible talent.

season 6

Winner:Landauer Eugene Murphy, Jr.
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is a Frank Sinatra-esque singer who won it all in season six. The similarities between Murphy Jr. and Sinatra are striking. At his audition, both the audience and the judges were wowed when he sang Shirley Bassey's "I've Got You Under My Skin." His final performance was incredible, belting out Sinatra's "My Way." His voice brought home the prize.
The Silhouettes were a dance troupe that came in second place in the sixth season. A truly talented group of dancers that wowed the jury and the nation. They dance in little to no light with a lit background behind them. All the audience can see are their silhouettes (hence the name) as they perform brilliant choreography. A creative concept that put this group far ahead of the competition.

season 7

Winner:dogs hear
runner-up:Tom Cotter
Olate Dogs bucked the trend of singers and musicians taking home the grand prizeamerica's got talent. They were also the first non-solo act to win the show. Of course, no one can resist cute dogs, let alone adorable dogs that can pull off some pretty amazing tricks. Their adorable leaps, cartwheels, jumps, and more brought home the award. Let's be honest, Sharon Osbourne's reaction during her audition was that we were all home.
Comedian Tom Cotter was the runner-up for the seventh season. His timing and "inappropriate" banter surprised many in the audience, but he always had a laugh. His jokes had a similar theme and never failed to bring at least a smile to people's faces. He came close, but unfortunately it's hard to compete with adorable dogs.

season 8

Winner:Kenichi Ebina
runner-up:taylor williamson

Kenichi Ebina put on an interesting performance to say the least, he is well known as a dancer/pantomime for Amart Arts. His performance wowed audiences as he brought in talents most wouldn't think would make a good match. Auditioning him, the audience was amazed at how much control he had over his body and his movements. Everything is choreographed with such precision and intended to show what he is truly capable of. An incredible talent who took home the award.
Comedian Taylor Williamson was the season's eighth finalist. Because of his audition, he was called a clumsy comedian. Whether Williamson's clumsy manner is part of his performance or who he is is subject to interpretation, but he uses it well in his routine. A man who knows how to make people laugh has come a long way in this competition.

season 9

Winner:frank mate
runner-up:emilio west
Magician Mat Franco was the first on the show, the first magician to winamerica's got talent. Mat Franco specializes in card magic. At his audition, he addressed the judges and left everyone wondering how spectacular a card trick can be. In short, quite spectacular. Not only could he predict which cards he would find, but he also left them blank and even changed them to images of the judges. His incredible tricks left everyone mesmerized.
Singer Emily West was the runner-up in the ninth season. As a Nashville singer with an impressive voice, nothing could stop him from pursuing her dream. I still get chills when I hear her rendition of Sia's "Chandelier." She has a graceful appearance and a voice to match that will captivate everyone in the audience. A bona fide singer who really resonated with fans of the show.

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season 10

Winner:Pablo Zerdin
runner-up:drew lynch
Paul Zerdin is the second ventriloquist to winamerica's got talent. Zerdin and his Sam really knew how to brighten up a room and make everyone laugh. He auditioned for it was smart to fake a sound check mistake and argue with Sam about what to do. Its finale brought Season 2 winner Terry Fator back to the stage. The performance made the audience laugh and helped deliver the award to Zerdin.
Drew Lynch was the 10th runner-up for the season. He is a comedian who also knew how to make the audience laugh. The memorable finale of him alongside contestant Gary Vider not only kept everyone entertained, but also kept everyone laughing most of the time. Lynch was a fan favorite when he turned to stand-up comedy after a sports injury left him with a stutter. A truly talented young man who didn't let anything get in his way.

season 11

Winner:Grace Vander Waal
runner-up:los psíquicos

Grace VanderWaal won the hearts of Americans everywhere. Her audition was one of the healthiest moments of the season, maybe even of the show. In fact, her audition is the most viewed video on the America's Got Talent YouTube channel with over 91 million views. Her beautiful voice and her talent with her ukulele brought her to the top. She has a natural talent for songwriting and is a sweet girl who wanted to sing for anyone who would listen.
The Psychics were the runners-up for the eleventh season. His performance was nothing short of shocking and impressive. Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass are a duo of magicians and mentalists. From the start, they shocked the audience because Thommy would show them an item and Amélie would guess the item, usually while blindfolded. From a phone number to Simon's credit card numbers, she would guess with astonishing accuracy. They even went so far as to submerge Amélie in a tank of water so that there would be no doubt about what she had done. Truly an amazing duo performance.

season 12

Winner:Give us Lynne Farmer
runner-up:angelica hale

Darcy Lynne Farmer is the third ventriloquist to win America's Got Talent. Farmer is also the third child actor to win the show. She is a shy girl who uses ventriloquism to get over it. At her audition, she showed just how talented she is when her puppet, Petunia, sang her heart out. The finale was unforgettable as Petunia and Darcy were joined by former winner Terry Fator and his puppet Winston. She's a really lovely girl with a gift for ventriloquism.
Child singer Angelica Hale was a finalist for the twelfth series. An adorable girl who fell in love with many in the United States after her audition. Her sweet voice gave no hint of her powerful singing. She stunned everyone with her powerful renditions of songs like David Guetta's "Without You" and Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger." In fact, she even rivaled the powerful singer Clarkson when they sang "Stronger" for the finale.

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season 13

Winner:Schin Lim

Magician Shin Lim confused the audience with his performance and tricks. He is the second magician to win the show. At his audition, the audience was confused as he seemed like he was performing a simple card trick, but it turned into so much more. Known as the Map Wizard, he has accomplished feats that seem almost impossible. From changing cards to other suits, appearing to have a card engraved on his chest, turning cards blank and more. He surprised everyone with his act and took home the award.
The Zurcaroh acrobatic group was the runner-up of the thirteenth season of the program. With their impressive numbers and seemingly impossible cohesion, they have accomplished a number of feats that cannot be described in words. Impressive, imposing, dazzling does not seem enough. Their routines are more than just dance numbers, with cartwheels, incredible lifts and much more, there's no denying the talent and confidence in this group.

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